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UPenn Professor Anthea Butler Tweets Anti-Carson Hate Speech

Apparently, it’s not enough that liberal academicians revise history to support their political agenda and ostracize any student who dares to voice a conservative opinion, then go on to tout these crimes-against-intellect as true social justice. Now we have a progressive professor spewing racist comments, with her most recent directed against presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson.

According to a Twitter sighting reported by Campus Reform, @AntheaButler tweeted, “If only there was a ‘coon of the year’ award,” as a vindictive rebuttal to Carson who defended individuals’ right to brandish the Confederate flag on private lands. Campus Reform explains that “Butler’s tweet insinuated that Carson is a metaphorical slave who belongs in a wooden shed.”

This type of vitriol is nothing new for ProfB, or “Black IVY LEAGUE Professor for the haters.” She has been known to refer to Michael Brown’s death as a “blood sacrifice.” Professor Butler expounded on the blog-site Religion Dispatches that racism in American “has its underpinnings in Christianity.” She even declared America’s God to be a “white racist.” 

Despite her outrageous rancor, Anthea, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, is still tenured. Disgusting, but not surprising; since the credo of modern liberalism is “Tolerance for all, except for those we disagree with.”

Enough is enough! It’s time students expose the hypocrisy of the radical left, and schools hold their teachers accountable to the ethical standard that is expected of any decent human being, let alone an Ivy League academy.

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