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George Clooney’s Perfect Storm

“They are proving themselves to be the greatest war criminals of this century by far.”
— Actor George Clooney of the Bashir government of the Sudan.

George Clooney is caught in The Perfect Storm.

On the one hand, he believes the government of Sudan led by President Omar al-Bashir is a government of “war criminals.”

Then again, he so admires President Obama that he threw the president a star-studded Hollywood fundraiser in his own home that raised fifteen million for the Obama campaign. Then teamed up with the President for a game of basketball the next morning.

On the other hand, he thinks President Bashir of the Sudan is guilty of a “crime against humanity.” 

But on the other hand, when President Obama’s brother Malik Obama gets an IRS approval from Lois Lerner in 28 days to set up the Barack H. Obama tax exempt foundation — and Malik Obama is your basic stooge for the aforementioned, Clooney-described “war criminal” who is committing “crimes against humanity,” well…um…ah…gee.

George Clooney is sort of Up in the Air. Apparently dealing with the Mr. Freeze of human rights is not quite like slugging it out with Arnold on a Batman movie set.

So passionate is George Clooney about the Sudan issue on the one hand, according to ABC News, that he has even gotten himself arrested in front of the Sudanese Embassy along with his Dad Nick and the “President of United to End Genocide and former Congressman Tom Andrews; Congressmen Jim McGovern, D-MA, Al Green, D-TX, Jim Moran, D-VA., and John Olver D-MA; Martin Luther King III, NAACP President Ben Jealous; and Enough Project Co-Founder John Prendergast.”

Let’s give the liberal actor kudos. He is, in fact, absolutely right about Omar Bashir being a “war criminal.” There is no dispute over that.

Clooney has traveled to Sudan with the Enough Project’s Prendergast and returned to testify to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that, as noted here by CNN’s Jon Avlon:

… Clooney testified about his most recent trip into the remote Nuba Mountain region of Sudan with Enough Project co-founder John Prendergast, where they found themselves in a rocket attack and brought home harrowing footage of children freshly mangled by rockets and bombs pushed out of airplanes.

Catch that?

Clooney “brought home harrowing footage of children freshly mangled by rockets and bombs pushed out of airplanes.”

Freshly mangled children.

Well. That should certainly concentrate the mind. And so, it seemed, it had indeed concentrated Clooney’s mind. Here is Mr. Clooney after visiting the White House and meeting with President Obama to talk personally about the carnage in Sudan. 

Said Clooney of Obama: “It’s amazing to sit down with a world leader who knows all of the intricacies of what’s going on in Sudan,” he said.

So why has the cat suddenly appeared to have gotten the actor’s tongue? Was one of those “intricacies of what’s going on in Sudan” the involvement of the President’s own brother with the “war criminal” leadership Clooney so strongly opposed? Not a word from Clooney. Why?

The problem comes when the IRS scandal erupts — and, as discussed here, we find that Lois Lerner zipped through the tax exempt status — even backdating it — of the Barack H. Obama Foundation run by the President’s Kenyan half-brother Malik Obama. The very same Malik Obama who is the Executive Secretary of the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO) — which held its 2010 conference in…Khartoum. The Sudan. A conference held in Sudan’s capital because, of course, the IDO is a creature of its behind-the-scenes power — George Clooney’s favorite war criminal, Sudan’s President Omar Bashir.

So where is George Clooney now? Where are all those people who made a point of loudly getting arrested with George and his Dad at the Sudanese Embassy?

Where are, as that ABC story identified them, the “President of United to End Genocide and former Congressman Tom Andrews; Congressmen Jim McGovern, D-MA, Al Green, D-TX, Jim Moran, D-VA., and John Olver D-MA; Martin Luther King III, NAACP President Ben Jealous; and Enough Project Co-Founder John Prendergast”?

Are they getting themselves arrested outside of the IRS? Are they demanding the IRS revoke the tax exemption of the Barack H. Obama Foundation because of the connection of Malik Obama to Omar Bashir, the man these liberals correctly call a war criminal?

What does one do when one has to choose between embarrassing President Obama, whom you’ve hosted at your home for a $15 million fundraiser with the Hollywood elite — or shutting of an IRS tax exemption run by an ally of President Bashir, the man you call a “war criminal”?

Well what do you think?

Mr. Clooney has been silent. So too has that silence suddenly overtaken the long list of supposedly anti-Bashir liberals that features four sitting members of Congress, the namesake son of Martin Luther King Jr., the President of the NAACP, plus two anti-Bashir activists.

Why is this?

Apparently, they are more concerned with not embarrassing the American President than doing something to rein in the ally of the war criminal Sudanese President.

Gee, why embarrass a war criminal if it also embarrasses your favorite dinner guest?

Let’s take a look at the man Malik Obama is associating with. And as usual on this subject we will turn to Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack from the Shoebat Foundation. Mr. Shoebat, recall, is the one-time radicalized member of the Muslim Brotherhood turned peace activist. He is the son of an American mother and a Palestinian Arab and, having grown up in the Middle East, is well familiar with the Arab media.

And again, let’s stay focused in discussing this not on the foreign policy aspects involved with the President’s brother and Sudan — but on the IRS. Stay focused on the fact that one group after another were yanked around for years by Lerner and her agency while a speedy 28 days was all that was needed to give a thumbs up to Barack Obama’s brother — with no attention whatsoever paid to Malik Obama’s relationships to the man George Clooney has spent so much time trying to unhorse.

Let’s quote directly from Shoebat and Ben Barrack:

As for Malik Obama’s role within the IDO (the Islamic Da’wa Organization), which is an official arm of the Sudanese government, you may not find much in English media but you’ll find plenty in Arabic media. Even CNN Arabic has the story and so does Al-Watan, which CNN references. The list is so long, it’d interrupt your reading if we placed them here.

There is much more relative to the genesis of this major Islamic organization that links Malik Obama, president Obama’s brother with some troubling news — the circle of affiliates and bosses Malik works for include Omar al-Bashir and Hassan al-Turabi of Sudan. To give you an idea of how significant this is, consider that al-Bashir is not only the President of a country that the U.S. State Department has identified as a State Sponsor of terrorism but he’s also wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) on seven counts relating to crimes against humanity.…

President Barack Obama’s brother is working in an official capacity as a representative with an organization commissioned by the Sudanese government, a State Sponsor of Terror. The Muslim Brotherhood begot Hassan al-Turabi, who led the successful 1989 coup in Sudan that put [him] and Bashir in power. Turabi begot The National Islamic Front (NIF), which carried out the coup. The NIF begot the Islamic Da’wa (Call) Organization (IDO). The IDO begot the madrassas and mosques that were subsequently opened throughout Africa, to include Kenya. These madrassas and mosques begat savages like Michael Adebolajo (British born of Nigerian descent), who sacrificed Lee Rigby….”

Lee Rigby, you will recall, was the British soldier slaughtered in cold blood on a London street the other week by the aforementioned Michael Adebolajo.

So with all this information out there, one has to ask again: Where is George Clooney?

The answer lies in the Obama-Clooney relationship. The fundraiser at Clooney’s home that raised $15 million for the Obama re-election was more than just a glitzy Hollywood fundraiser. It was emblematic of a serious friendship.

Here is the President himself in the Hollywood publication E on the subject of George Clooney: 

“The truth is we got to know each other because of a substantive issue. He is a terrific advocate on behalf of the people of Darfur, and to the people of Sudan who’ve been brutalized for a long time,” Obama tells Entertainment Tonight.

In fact, the president recalls being involved with Clooney’s humanitarian efforts long before entering the White House.

“That was an issue that I was working together on a bipartisan basis, and George, who had traveled there, done documentaries there, and was very well-informed, came to testify in Congress,” Obama says of his days as a senator. “And so we got to know each other, and he is a good man, and a good friend.”

But despite being buds, Obama notes that Clooney is also very mindful of public perception.

“He’s very protective about not bothering me,” Obama points out. “And he’s also sensitive to the fact that, you know, that if he’s around a lot, then somehow it’ll be tagged as ‘Obama hanging out with Hollywood stars,’ and that’s not who he is. But he’s a good person.”

Not to mention a pretty good basketball player.

Then again, Obama already knows that, too.

The basketball reference came from the fact that the morning after the fundraiser, the two BFF’s played hoops. Said Clooney’s girlfriend, again according to E:

“I did get to watch them play basketball yesterday, which is something I will never forget,” Clooney’s girlfriend, Stacy Keibler, 32, just told us at the 19th Annual EIF REVLON Run/Walk at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum at Exposition Park.

“George and Obama were on the same team, so they both won! I was the cheerleader on the side.”

Catch those words? “George and Obama were on the same team…”


So when push comes to shove on the issue of the IRS zipping through a tax exemption for a foundation named for the president, a foundation set up by his brother Malik Obama — and it turns out Malik Obama is documented to be working for a Sudanese-backed Islamic organization that has behind it the very man George Clooney is calling a “war criminal” — where exactly is George Clooney?

Out of Sight.

(Photo: UPI; George Clooney and John Prendergast on Capitol Hill, October 12, 2010)

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