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Food for Clinton

Regarding Ryan Sager’s piece on Taxing Tobacco on 2/25 he should note that the tobacco extortionists are facing some difficulties in exacting their tribute when bordered by states with an atmosphere more congenial to freedom. Oregon has seen its tobacco tax revenues drop sharply as many people are buying their cigarettes in bulk in Idaho to avoid the Oregon tax. In my own glorious Commonwealth of Virginia, rumor has it that the People’s Republic of Maryland is threatening to build a wall between our two states (fine by me so long as it’s high enough to keep all of those Maryland autos with no inspections off our roads) to curb the black-market smuggling of low-tax Virginia cigs into the “Free State.”
Bill Harrison
Arlington, VA

The reason Chris Tucker is hanging with Bill Clinton is because Tucker is making a movie about the first black president. This has been widely reported.
Bruce Bartlett
Great Falls, VA

Nobody want to feed him? Hell, send over to me I will take him to the Gordinos the Taco King in Baldwin Park, CA. We can use some of the library money that Enron gave him and take him to the river bottom in Burbank so he can listen to the HARD TYMZ blues band next to Warner Brothers. This is real blues music. The ex-prez must understand the BLUES.
— unsigned

Is Riordan Done?, George Neumayr asks. (1) Let us hope so. (2) If Riordan wins the primary, look for Davis to win with 70% of the vote. Who’s going to vote for Riordan? Who would waste his vote for an ersatz Democrat when he can have the real thing? After all, between Riordan and Davis, that’s the choice.
Jim Stevenson

R. Emmett Tyrrell’s article “Stomping on Barbarians”
is essentially correct in its analysis. Any empire must ensure that its authority is taken seriously to allow trade and civilization to flourish.

Nevertheless Admiral Fisher’s advice was not deemed workable by Winston Churchill, who was, by most accounts, a formidable hawk. Overlooking the implementational detail, it may mean that this proposal is the political analog of science fiction.
Meyer Rafael
Melbourne, Australia

Good morning. Found a link to your site on Lucianne and have you bookmarked. Best wishes for a successful run from a long-time TAS subscriber.
Bill Willard

Yes, I do like you for your ties to Bill Clinton; he, the superior of Life at the Bottom. Bill is the glowing magnet of the nihilistic self-absorbed which, I understand, is the standard to measure cool. Apparently I have failed that standard, according to my wife. Contact with you, dear Prowler is as close to cool I will ever know. Gratefully,
Steven Keely

… I am thrilled to see the new website and am extremely hopeful that it will return to the roots of the “old” Spectator: funny, edgy, irreverent. Good Luck.
Bill Schwartz

I enjoy visiting your website every day. It reminds me of the old “American Spectator”…
Aaron Perhach

It is refreshing to have the ‘real’ news presented
Accurately and without the “spin” of the networks. You are in my favorites list.
Paul Carlow

I discovered your website and it’s great. Keep up the good work.
Gary Sperber

…I really enjoy the new site, BTW.
Jess Rigsby

I’m a Newbie. I look forward to finding any more information on possibly the most corrupt President in the history of the US, and throwing it back at the faces of my liberal friends. Thanks for the resources!
Stephen Jeske

Keep going on the track you’ve chosen. Be sure you emphasize every week what a disaster Bill Clinton was and is, particularly in view of the $153K he earned in Florida the other day.

I’m still looking forward to when you will automatically update me every day.

Keep the faith.
H.B. Chase, Jr.

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