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Found in Translation

While President Bush deposes despots and spreads democracy in the Middle East, this week in the Wall Street Journal Wesley Clark reminds us how Bill Clinton dismantled a democracy and helped create yet another mono-ethnic (Islamic) state in Europe’s underbelly — Kosovo. Not in so many words, of course — Clark merely meant to endorse and outline independence for the former Yugoslavian province. That’s why, for those who have not been following recent developments in the region, I offer a translation of Clark’s assessment.

Clark writes, “With each passing day, tensions in Kosovo grow.” Translation: With each passing day, Muslim Albanians grow angrier that there are still some Christian Serbs living in Kosovo.

“Nearly six years on, Serbs and Albanians still cannot live together.” Translation: It is rather difficult to live with Albanians when they keep trying to kill you.

“Serbia’s avowed aim is to prevent Kosovo from becoming independent.” Translation: In furtherance of the 1999 U.N.-NATO position that Kosovo would be granted autonomy but never independence, Serbia’s avowed aim is to prevent Kosovo from becoming an independent Islamic terrorist doorway into the rest of Europe, which it already is anyway.

“Neither side is ready for bridge-building.” Translation: Albanians are still burning down bridges, homes, and churches.

“Further clashes…could result in an emergency partition of Kosovo’s territory, creating a precedent threatening to unravel U.S. and EU investments in stabilizing multi-ethnic states throughout the Balkans.” Translation: Further clashes could result in partitioning Kosovo and threatening to unravel Clinton’s, Albright’s, Holbrooke’s, Berger’s and my investments of taxpayer money in destabilizing the multi-ethnic state of Yugoslavia and creating mono-ethnic ones throughout the Balkans.

“After the rioting of last March, some have questioned whether this fragile, volatile and underdeveloped society either deserves or can sustain its own state.” Translation: Ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Serbian population of Kosovo constitutes “rioting.”

“While these concerns are valid, it is important to remember that Kosovo has already.developed the foundations of a modern, functioning economy.” Translation: There is a thriving sex-slave trade, plus there’s the drug trafficking whose profits go to further the aims of al Qaeda et al.

“The pace at which Kosovo is allowed to progress toward full independence should be made contingent on its treatment of minorities.” Translation: Okay, so Albanians have killed a lot of Serbs. As my old boss would say, “Let’s move on.” If they don’t kill any more, then they can have their state. Well, maybe one or two dead Serbs is okay. Or I guess a few dozen is bearable. Okay, but no more than a few hundred dead Serbs. Okay, a few thousand, but that’s my final offer.

“Unlike the case of Iraq, there is today no active conflict in Kosovo.” Translation: Since a conflict involves at least two parties killing each other, if only Albanians are killing Serbs, then there’s no conflict.

Kosovo was a success after all.

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