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Love Is Blind, Deaf, and Dumb

If Jews know better than anybody else what kind of an unbalanced mind it takes to produce the sickness of prejudice, why do they so comfortably practice it themselves by making a special target of prejudice any member of the Republican Party, especially if he is recognized as a far-right Republican? Somehow Jews have all always been enraptured by the words “liberal” or “Democrat.” We convinced ourselves that the word “liberal” and “Jew” is a package made in heaven, ordained by God like a marriage, consecrated till death do us part. Love may be blind, but does it also have to be deaf and dumb — which it must be for Jews who can’t recognize the contempt many liberals have for them.

The story of Harry Truman is a perfect example. Jews are still blinded from the reality of Harry Truman’s real character, and possessed of a romanticized version of his love for the Jewish people. Whenever a Jew opened his mouth, the story of Truman’s Jewish partner in the haberdashery business came flying through his teeth, blinded to the fact that Truman not only found Jews distasteful and repulsive but even thought of his Jewish partner as a burden he had to bear because he couldn’t find any gentile in town who would trust him with his cash. It is a historical fact that Truman never invited his partner to his home, never even asked him if he was happy or healthy; he only cared if his hand could move enough to sign a check.

The vulgarity of the language with which Truman reacted to Eddie Jacobson’s pleas for the recognition of Israel would add up to enough filthy words to produce five pornographic movies. Most Jews are familiar with this story, but even if you could identify and prove every word of it they would still be too blind to believe it. But as inconceivable as the Jewish love affair was with President Truman, love was never more blind than in Jews’ persistent worship at the altar of Franklin D. Roosevelt. In this case their love was not only blind, it defied reason. Hitler was determined to kill the Jews, but many Jews needlessly died because Roosevelt totally ignored their plight and in some cases he even helped Hitler. When Jews were fleeing the death chambers in Germany towards the borders of America, it was the heartlessness of Franklin D. Roosevelt that forced them back to their destruction. Whenever Jews in America were aroused about Roosevelt’s callous indifference to their fate, he reacted like a mindless robot who couldn’t see them or hear them, as if the murder of the Jews was comparable to killing cockroaches in the kitchen. He found the persistence of the Jewish complaints so obnoxious that in an uncontrollable rage he even attacked Robert Morganthau, his Jewish secretary of the treasury, yelling that the Jews should stop complaining because he felt that the Jews should thank God that they are allowed to live here without suffering the fate of the Jews in Germany.

Why has the history of the basic anti-Semitic driven inhumanities of Presidents Roosevelt and Truman had no effect on the Jewish love affair with the Democratic Party? Why do they ignore the contempt of these Presidents for the lives of Jews? Obviously it is because Jews worship the Democratic Party as the crusaders for the underprivileged. And because the Jew spends his life fighting for acceptance and respect by making more and more money so that he can introduce you to a parade featuring the longest boat, the most modern kitchen, the most marbled toilets, the deepest swimming pool, the most foreign carpet, the biggest house with the highest ceiling, he is tormented by a guilt-ridden conscience which taught him that a good Jew does not spend his life pursuing greed and opportunism, and that a selfish life is a wasted one. Because a Jew is always struggling to overcome his fear of worthlessness, he spends his time finding ways to prove that he not only has a big fortune, but that he has an even bigger heart. That is why when he gives to charity, he gives it to hospitals that will put his name on it. He becomes a member of a club where there are special events where his charity will be announced. He joins a temple where a Rabbi will give him a special seat where the Holy Torah stands beside it. His main ambition is to become rich enough to give so much to charity that he will be asked to be the main speaker at a dinner in his honor, where pictures of him will be taken all night so he can look at them the rest of his life to remind himself that he only made money because of his compassion and selfless devotion to humanitarian causes and not for himself.

To avoid any connection with his materialistic values he has to reject and even hate the Republicans. To think of any connection with a far-right Republican will frighten him more than a firing squad in Saudi Arabia. That is why when the far-right Republicans dedicate themselves to fighting for the survival of Israel and even have to overcome Democratic Party opposition to what they consider the Biblical God-given right of the Jewish people to the possession of the Holy Land, instead of being met with appreciation and applause the Republicans are met with suspicion as though they were building a smokescreen for their basic anti-Semitism. Finally, because of their blind, deaf, and dumb love for the Democrats, the Jews have achieved a lopsided self-destructive direction and married into a party that cares little or nothing about the Jews here or in the State of Israel.

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