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Saint Hillary

Now that there is a new Pope, bringing with him the possibilities of naming new saints, there appears to be a movement of biblical proportions afoot for the beatification of Hillary Clinton. Gone are the memories of disappearing files, ducking Grand Juries, and just being beyond the reach of prosecutors. “They couldn’t lay a finger on her” — a phrase whose only province used to be in grade-B Warner Brothers gangster movies — became her motto when she occupied the Clinton White House. Gone and forgotten is probably the only real miracle she performed, which was changing $1,000 into $100,000 in ten months ($6,300 of which was earned overnight). Even the Mafia could not get a better return on its money. However, in what must be one of the most interesting miracles since the fishes and loaves, she has transmuted herself into a figure of faith, principle, and piety. Like Saul on the road to Tarsus, who had seen the light of his Lord, she has transformed herself.

Anna Quindlen, writing in Newsweek magazine, where her full page column occupies the prime-space last page of the magazine, pontificates:

…we [Hillary and she] talked about faith, about how both of us believed our religion had led us toward a heightened interest in various social-reform issues.

That’s the real Hillary Rodham Clinton. A lifelong Methodist…

If that was the real Hillary Clinton, then she did a pretty good job of hiding it the last ten years. Also, many Methodists will be surprised to learn that the practice of their faith is not incompatible with anti-Semitism. Remember Dick Morris revealing that when he was close to the Clintons and there was a disagreement concerning money owed him, Hillary, in anger, addressing his demand for payment, referred to him as “You people.” In the revealing shorthand of an angry person, she was not exposing her inner thoughts and prejudices about Swiss bankers. Also, who can forget the wet one she planted on Mrs. Arafat — who turned out to be so low that even the Palestinians wanted to get rid of her.

Ms. Quindlen goes on to write, “Her [Hillary’s] concern that the culture is deadening our kids to sex…” Excuse us, but we thought that it was the Clintons who brought sex into our living rooms via television and made every kid who turned on the six o’clock news an expert in oral sex.

Ms. Quindlen also quoted a speech by the real Hillary Clinton where she spoke of a spiritual vacuum in the country. If they gave out Nobel Prizes for creation of spiritual vacuums in countries, the Clintons would surely be contenders.

Ms. Quindlen ends her article by noting and quoting Mrs. Clinton , “…she [Hillary Clinton] spoke of changing the national ethos to the golden rule, so Americans ‘truly begin to…treat them [each other] as they wish to be seen.'” Actually the Golden Rule is to treat each other as you would want to be treated. Well, that the Clintons did in fact do — particularly Mr. Clinton, and particularly if the other person was female. With his phone sex, he was able to actually treat himself as he would have others treat him.

Mrs. Clinton has made up with Newt Gingrich, her husband got himself a world trip with former President Bush on Air Force One, and she has now taken a pro-life position. But until she can do the water to wine trick, we will take a pass on seriously considering her and her baggage as Presidential material.

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