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From Si to Shining Si

The rallies staged by those purported to care deeply about civil rights and amnesty for Mexican illegals in the United States continue.

People who are taking part in these marches are looking for one of four things: A) free stuff from U.S. taxpayers, B) a day off school, C) control over people who answered “A”, or, least likely but possibly, D) a day off work.

This is all, of course, under the guise of an “immigration” and/or “civil rights” debate. Your civil right to not have your money taken and given to an illegal isn’t under consideration. Sorry.

The fact that this is even a “debate” is frightening and will cost somebody politically. That “somebody” will most likely be the Republicans, and if, on Election Day, candidates find themselves being treated like Capitol police officers confronting Cynthia McKinney, so be it.

What about the Democrats? They’ll still get their votes. Everybody expects them to be consistently on the wrong side of an issue, but for Republicans, this is unforgivable, but is unfortunately becoming more and more commonplace. Why is this happening? Political control over a potentially huge voting bloc: illegals in the U.S.

As for the illegals, or those defending them, one can’t help but wonder how they feel about their “allies,” like Hillary Clinton, saying, as I heard this week, that if illegals aren’t allowed to stay and be treated as citizens, who will do all the low paying jobs here in the U.S.? That’s a paraphrase, of course, but that was the gist of Hillary’s comments at one of the rallies in New York.

It does my heart good to see so many concerned Americans attempting to ensure that when they have a non-citizen weed their lettuce patch or clean their house, they can do so free from worries of an IRS audit.

Somebody owes people like Linda Chavez, Bernie Kerik, and others a sincere apology. Politicians from both sides of the aisle jumped down their throats for allegedly hiring illegals on the QT, but what’s happening now? It turns out, they weren’t lawbreakers, they were groundbreakers!

In the past few weeks we’ve heard the accusation that those who are anti-illegal immigration are “racist.” If anything, precisely the opposite is true.

Where are the real racists in this debate? Somewhere near those pro-illegal immigration activists who come out daily and say that these are people who will take jobs nobody else wants.

I found out firsthand in my early teens that this isn’t entirely true. One hot summer while employed as a weeder at a strawberry patch, I was introduced to a truckload of people who would “do jobs nobody else would do.” Somehow, I was out of a job that I wouldn’t do.

If you listen to the pro-illegal crowds, all Mexicans are good for is performing lousy, grungy, dirty, filthy, rotten jobs. Where is the civil rights outrage? Where are the politicians who, if you stereotyped any other group like this, would be up in political arms?

If somebody stood up and said, “We need to let in more Africans because they will do the lousy, low paying jobs nobody else will do,” what would Jesse Jackson say? What would Ted Kennedy say? Would they be cool with it?

If somebody rallied in support of opening the floodgates to anybody from Arab nations who wanted to come here because “somebody’s got to manage the convenience stores,” what would Barbara Boxer say?

Why no big uproar over the automatic stereotypical assignment of lousy jobs to Mexicans, where they arrive in this country to find that their glass ceiling has already been set as high as the floor they have to sweep?

The real culprits here are not only the falsely titled “civil rights activists,” but also a bunch of politicians who don’t really care about people, be they you, me, or illegals. They care about power, and what better way to grab power than by legalizing illegals and suddenly having millions of instant votes?

It’s no wonder politicians are tripping over themselves to be the first to grant amnesty, not to mention your money, to illegals.

Politicians are becoming so incredibly slimy that, if it isn’t already, politics will very soon be one of those “jobs nobody wants to do.” Finally, there is indeed hope for a good job for Mexican illegals.

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