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Enough Is Enough Already!

Why did the pope accept the idea that he owes the Muslims an apology? He interpreted certain basic Muslim teachings as encouraging violence in the name of G-d and, as a man of peace, spoke out against such activities. His interpretation is his interpretation and he certainly owes no apology — especially since he read the words as they were clearly written. Having got past the irrefutable logic of the forgoing, one must ask, how many times have the Muslims apologized for the pain and suffering that their terrorist organizations have committed? While we hate the terrorists, we constantly reaffirm our respect for their religion and the people of their faith.

We believe that common decency dictates that we should protect blameless Muslims from the crimes of the guilty. It’s ironic that while we are protective of innocent Muslims, despite so many acts of terrorism, the Imams of the world could announce a sentence of death upon any people because of perceived or imaginary insults. How did the Muslims decide that they have the exclusive right to freedom of speech? How did they achieve the right to say and do whatever they please, while the rest of the world only has the right to listen, cower, suffer and sweat? While the leaders of the non-Arab world plead with their populations to protect Muslims from any act of discrimination, the Arabic leaders, both religious and political, encourage vengeance and violence against people of other religions. Logically, if a mere insult deserves a sentence of death, acts that cause the destruction of human life deserve the same fate.

How many countless times have Muslims insulted people of every faith? The fact is, in their mosques and public speeches and in every kind of media, their insults and abuse of other faiths is limitless. If in any Arab city, on the pages of every newspaper and the walls of virtually every building you’ll see articles, pictures and paintings insulting, degrading and dehumanizing people of every other faith. While they are practicing acts of humiliation against every other faith, isn’t it strange that no leader of any other religion has ever considered any act of retribution or even discrimination against the Muslims? Nobody has ever refused to marry a girl because she has a Muslim brother. Nobody has ever refused to kiss a girl because she has a Muslim father. Nobody has ever left a table in a restaurant because he had an Arab waiter. Nobody has ever refused a toasted bagel because it was made by a Muslim baker. Nobody has ever refused to buy a Slurpee in a 7-Eleven because of an Arab storekeeper.

Isn’t it amazing that while we cower in fear of any act of violence they might commit against innocent people, the people of other faiths have never even considered committing any kind of act that could harm a life of an innocent Muslim? Who decides that they have the right to convert the world into a courtroom, with the rest of the world’s other religions on trial, with the fate of our lives in their hands, with themselves the self-appointed judge, jury and executioner?

How long will it take for humanity to put an end to this kind of helplessness and cowardice in the face of this inhumane behavior? Instead of cowering in fear of losing our lives from the hands of Muslims, we should immediately and firmly advise them that any act of violence against innocent people will be met with a level of aggressive response that will make them realize that acts of terror against innocent people will cause them to pay an unbearable price.

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