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Reader Requests

Re: Hal G.P. Colebatch’s A Government of Idiots? and Nathan Maskiell’s letter (under “Aussie Hawkes”) in Reader Mail’s Upside Down Under:

Ah, Mr. Nathan Maskiell, you almost made it! It’s been a while since I have seen one of your screeds and your assessment of the problems in your country seemed to be rather cogent. Since I do not follow Australian politics and am unfamiliar with Australia in general, I had to assume your remarks had some merit. Sadly, you could not resist showing your true colors however, with the remark “Add to this the relative unpopularity of the Iraq War and George W. Bush…” How the Iraq War or my President could have any bearing on the problems in Australia is beyond me. Stick to what you know and please, please, stop trying to blame the troubles of the world on us. Throughout recent history, we have solved more problems than we created and it is time that you and the rest of the world (and sadly the Democrat Party in this country), realized this fact and gave us the credit which is unquestionably due.

I, and most Americans, rarely comment on conditions in Australia, primarily because it is really none of our business. I suggest you do the same when next you have the maniacal urge to once again dump on America.
C.D. Lueders
Melbourne, Florida

It appears now that Australians must put up with Hal Colebatch’s version of what is right or wrong with our country. Personally I love the American people and your country. However, perhaps, Mr. Colebatch, you should pay attention to your own backyard and not ours. If in fact our economy is doing so well then why are so many people handing the keys to their homes over to the banks and walking away. Our current Government does nothing but sell off Australian assets to “keep us in the black.” People have no job security any longer and we have a government that wants to spend the equivalent of an average Australian home on remodeling their dining room. Australians cannot wait for the next Federal election to see an arrogant, racist and uncaring government removed from power as soon as possible.
Fed Up

Re: Lisa Fabrizio’s Hillary’s Song:

My personal choice for a theme song is the well-known Audrey II lyric “I’m A Mean Green Mother From Outer Space.”
Kate Shaw

I thought we all agreed, years ago, that Hilary’s song was “Stand By Your Man.”
Robert Nowall
Cape Coral, Florida

Re: Eric Peters’s Big Oil Outslicked:

There is one big difference between buying oil and buying milk. Oil profits also go to places like Saudi Arabia or Iran who turn around and use the money to buy weapons for terrorists, operate uranium centrifuges, send out Wahabi missionaries and fund Islamic schools in the West. Milk profits do no such thing.

Huge profits for big oil and big U.S. government mean smaller profits for maniacs. May price gouging and windfall profits abound!
Douglas Stillman
Fremont, California

We motorists aren’t just being gouged at the pump by Big Government’s gas taxes. Big Government is also screwing us by preventing new oil from coming onto market that would significantly reduce gas prices.

Demagoguing Congressmen and Senators first blocked drilling in ANWR about 10 years ago. Experts project that the ANWR oil deposits, when fully developed, would produce as much as 2 million barrels per day. Had our Big Government eco-nitwits not blocked drilling in ANWR, those oil deposits would now be fully developed. How much less would we be paying at the pump if there were another 2 million barrels a day of oil on the world market? Hard to say precisely, but a significant contributor to gasoline’s 30-cent-plus per gallon run up of the past few weeks is due to Nigerian strikes causing the loss of 900,000 barrels per day from world oil supply. That’s barely half of what ANWR would be providing us, but for Congress. And don’t forget that Congress has prevented oil development off the entire U.S. east and west coasts with a drilling moratorium for the past 20 years. How many millions of barrels in addition to ANWR’s 2 million might we have on line today, further driving down gas prices, but for Congress?

Risks of negative environmental impacts are extremely low, thanks to new technologies developed by Hollywood’s favorite bogeyman, Big Oil. Proof of Big Oils’ environmentally safe technologies was demonstrated when Hurricanes Katrina and Rita temporarily wiped out most of the hundreds of oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in no major oil spills.

Congress knows these environmentally sound technologies are out there, but certain liberal Congressmen and Senators, most of them Democrats, also know that “protecting the environment” still polls well, so they continue to prevent us from enjoying the benefits of producing more of our own oil, to help themselves get re-elected. Big Government isn’t just gouging us at the pumps with gas taxes, they’re also gouging us with the costs of opportunities lost.

Re: Windsor Mann’s Spent Republicanism:

Having been in the field training for a few days I missed Windsor Mann’s piece about former Republican policies regarding spending. While fairly accurate he fails to note that while President Reagan talked the talk he did not walk the walk. Reagan had the highest government spending and deficits of any Republican President. He also raised Federal 7 times in compromises with Democrats. While conservatives like to lambaste Bush (43) for spending and deficits (he’s cut taxes, but never raised them) the fact is his record and that of the GOP Congress was one of constraint compared to the 1980s. It is this mythologizing of Reagan that is making it hard for any conservative to measure up to the ideal. If this retroactive falsification continues conservatives and therefore Republicans are doomed to a political wilderness that makes the post-Eisenhower and pre-Gingrich revolution years look short.
Michael Tomlinson
Jacksonville, North Carolina

Re: Jay Molyneaux’s and Tom Cabanski’s letters (under “High Octane Taxes”) in Reader Mail’s Upside Down Under:

One of your readers, Mr. Tom Cabanski, captures the left’s characterization of the Global War on Terror, and the on going operations in Iraq in support of the war, by linking the war on terror to U.S. oil consumption. Only a whacked out liberal can make such a connection. Cabanski concludes his comments by advising us to limit our use of oil so that our troops don’t have to defend foreign oil fields. What? Oh yeah, we invaded Iraq to protect the oil fields. Sure. I forgot. Sorry. And we know GW actually attacked the Pentagon and the second World Trade Center tower with explosives carried by Jews.

Let’s see, can we reduce importing oil without having everyone (except liberals in charge of course) take buses and trains and bicycles? Yes we can. We can drill for oil off shore, drill for oil in Alaska, and build more nuclear power plants. Oh, I forgot. We can’t do that. Why? Well, it will make the oil companies rich. No, I mean it will make the animals all die, everywhere. Yeah, that’s it. Yes, our liberal friend Tom wants us to become like nice little Europeans. After all, living in the US is just like living in Europe — if you live in New York City, or Boston, or some other over crowed pile of cement. But if you live in any rural area, say, Lawrence, Kansas or Kaline, Texas, or Hopkinsville, Kentucky, well, you need a car. Sorry. We are a big country. The car makes life better. Waiting an hour to take a bus to the local shopping center, carrying all the groceries back home on the bus isn’t my idea of heaven. And, like it or not, we are a free country. In such a country people can choose to buy what ever size, shape, color, and horse powered car they wish. Lord, save us from liberals.
Gainesville, Virginia

Reader Molyneaux makes excellent points about the leftist/liberal mindset. Self-appointed elites have a pathological need for inferiors to direct, deride, and defraud. Uppity folks who succeed without rendering homage to the elite sully the illusion of superiority.

The reality is that these fragile folk need adoring, submissive underlings who give up the fruit of their labor for the dubious privilege of being an underling, and they mean to get underlings by any means at their disposal. Utopian visions (remember, its the intentions, not the effect) confirm the proclaimed moral acuity of the self-appointed elite and have the practical benefit of furthering their quest for underlings. Thomas Sowell said it better than any of us in his book, Visions of the Anointed.

Hal G.P. Colebatch mentioned Kipling’s remarkable poem The Islanders Tuesday. It opens thus:

NO DOUBT but ye are the People–your throne is above the King’s.
Whoso speaks in your presence must say acceptable things:
Bowing the head in worship, bending the knee in fear–
Bringing the word well smoothen–such as a King should hear.

Imagine the Goracle twitching with pleasure, his disciples at his feet, lovingly recording his dictates and making sure the unwashed order their lives accordingly.

Mind you, there are control freaks of other persuasions. This crowd happens to dress the impulse in more flamboyant garb.

Re: The “Backroom Mugging” letters in Reader Mail’s Backroom Decisions and the “McCain-Amnesty” letters in Reader Mail’s Extracurricular Politics:

Reading the many entries in Reader Mail concerning this boondoggle Bush/McCain/Kennedy et al. are shoving down our throats shows that we voters are almost universally against the proposal. Unfortunately this never seems to show up at election time as these worthless members of Congress keep their jobs.

Often the comments are that the Democrats and Republicans (is there a difference anymore?) are that they want another large voting block to fight over to gain power for decades.

I have a simple suggestion for these type of politicians (listen up Rove): quit taxing us to death, quit spending like it’s your money, roll back the bloated and unconstitutional size of the federal government, drastically increase the size of our military and never again think you can cut back living on this unstable planet full of nutcases, listen to the voters that put you there and then come home after a few terms of scandal free service.

Then maybe the tens of millions of decent, hard working Americans that don’t bother to vote will start. That’s the large voting block you SHOULD be fighting over.
Greg Barnard
Franklin, Tennessee

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