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A Collision Sport

Re: Quin Hillyer’s Winning Without Wigging Out:

Mr. Hillyer forgets that politics is almost always raucous; think of the British Prime Minister’s question and answer time in the House of Commons. The members aren’t “nice” to their Prime Minister and maybe that’s good because it knocks him off his high horse; something we can all use from time to time and the more power and influence we wield the more we can use it. Contrast that to the boring pomposity of our members of Congress and you begin to think there is something approaching an unhealthy political conspiracy afoot, wearing the guise of civility. Politics is always contentious and always generates intense passions and uncharitable thoughts and deeds. The reason—very obvious—is that it’s about things that matter to most people: power, who gets what, our liberty, who wins and who loses, etc. People tend to get worked up about things like that, especially when they feel the fix is in. The fix being in is the basic sensibility that most people—whether they admit it or not—have towards their government. This is not a delusion as becomes readily apparent from a cursory study of politics elsewhere and in history. Mencken sums it up best, “But [the state] still remains, as it was in the beginning, the common enemy of all well-disposed, industrious and decent men.”

We conservatives want small government because we want to decrease politics’ influence in our society. People tend to get along quite well unless there’s a politician trying to stir things up for his own advantage. So I can’t fault those who get a little excessive in heckling their Congress critter. Again, consider the Lincoln-Douglas debates in which both candidates were heckled and shouted at. Honest Abe and The Little Giant seemed to accept it with equanimity, unlike our whining, modern politicians.

What really gripes me is that our elected representatives seem to think their job is to represent Washington to us and not the other way around. They should shut up and listen–even to the rude and bumptious masses. If it’s too unpleasant for them, then they should find work in another field.
— Douglas Skinner
Alexandria, Virginia

The pretense from our Vichy Republicans that civility must rule is simply, and bluntly, stupid. Our elected leaders do not read their E-mails, answer their phones, respond to letters (their staff does months later with a canned letter) or any other effort by mere voters at all. We do not write checks big enough to get their attention so…all we have left is in-your-face confrontation….and it works!

Can folk demanding unilateral surrender and civil discourse point to a single major political fight that was resolved in the favor of the right through polite discourse. The left certainly doesn’t play by those rules. Partisans doing the political dirty work, mentioning unpleasant truths or worries and making it clear that millions of us do not want the program demanded by our opposition, are the folk who are driving the movement today.

Finally, look at the polls…the course of quiche eating, wine guzzling civility demanded by our cocktail party inside the beltway dilettantes fails. Confrontation works. Tens of millions of regular Americans have been demanding our leaders find a spine for a decade without success. Now we have found a way to bypass those “leaders” and independents are taking note and moving our way.

Beltway pundits, cocktail party, check writing elites might not understand, but Mom and Dad America outside of Washington sure do. We will win this one despite the wussies who demand self-defeating behavior.
— Jim Verdolini
Boise, Idaho

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.’s Everything’s Just Fine:

So the prophet, Ezekiel Emanuel, tells us that “money spent on health care reduced [sic] the ability to obtain other essentials of human life as well as some goods and services not essential to life but still of great value, such as education, vacations, and the arts.”

Perhaps he had the French national health care system in mind. When Global Climate Change hit France with a vengeance in August of 2003, fifteen thousand people died, most of them elderly. Many people faulted the health care system. But the system worked precisely as planned. You see, the productive sector were off on vacation in August, most at the beach but some, no doubt, admiring the great works in France’s museums. It stands to reason that many of these aficionados were students, advancing their educations. These socially beneficial outcomes were actualized, at least partially, by savings realized thanks to the national healthcare system. Precious resources that were not wasted keeping old people alive were available for summer holidays, education, and the advancement of the arts.

But should Global Climate Change ever strike our shores, Prophet Barack Obama (the Beta and our Omega), will assure the elderly with an adequate supply of blue pills.
— Dan Martin
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Apparently neither Obama nor any of his staff nor any of the Democrat Party leadership ever heard about unintended consequences.

Thus, they provide a textbook example of that old saw, of someone being hoist by his or her own petard.

Seems, too, they’re an example of cobbling a plan without actually and/or honestly counting the cost, and then deceitfully and condescendingly communicating the same.
C. Kenna Amos Jr.
Princeton, West Virginia

Re: Ben Stein’s John Hughes, RIP:

As one who worked for, and lived down the street from John, your piece about him brought tears and a smile. I too am a conservative in the cesspool of Hollywood — and he seemed to hire me, out of kindness, understanding of my ideology, and the fact that a friend of mine sold him his home in Lake Forest didn’t help.

He was at once stoic and jovial — an interesting combination, but one which often is apparent in someone so brilliant. He was a great and giving man. He taught me a lot, as did his friends, John Candy, Joe Pesci, and Christopher Columbus.

I worked on Only The Lonely with Candy, Columbus, Maureen O’Hara, Tony Quinn, and Ally Sheedy — there were others, but the above were the ones I knew, and became friends with before the production wrapped.

John put me on that film, when I had 5 callbacks, and didn’t book a role in it. I ended up doubling Kevin Dunn — and John made sure I was treated right. He found a way to have me on set, even when my character didn’t work, as he knew I was but a starving actor.

I won’t forget him. The films he made “defined” my generation. He made me laugh. He made me cry. He made my name more than it was before I worked with him, and for that I am eternally grateful. I may not still be working in the business today, were it not for his generosity.

The loss goes far beyond what the public will ever understand. He touched many, not just with films, but with his kind heart. I will never forget him.
— Matthew S. Pletcher

Re: Ben Stein’s Expelled From the New York Times:

Cancel my Spectator subscription. Well, not really. My wife was stupid enough to renew. But Ben Stein should have been expelled from everywhere after that disgraceful “Expelled.” And I don’t think his financial advice will be missed by anyone.
— Mike McCants

Re: Eric Peters’ The Clunker Con:

Reparations for slavery is a concept so unpopular and lacking in merit that it has been rejected by a vast majority of the public and ignored by Congress. Now, we are in a crisis, sparked by a thinly disguised version of reparations known as a “subprime” loan. The same thugs who caused the economic crisis are using it as an excuse for further “share the wealth” schemes such as “Cash for Clunkers.” Your story exposed the program as a scam, not unlike subprime loans. In both cases, our children and grand children will be paying for these programs, long after we are gone.

“Health Care Reform,” and “Cap and Trade” are coming next. Each of these is designed to surreptitiously “transfer wealth,” to the poor. The proposed laws actually call for U.S. government access to every bank account, of every citizen, with withdrawals from the “wealthy” and monthly direct deposits of cash, to the “poor.” To add insult to injury, Rep. Frank wants to pervert contract law and “rewrite” contracts by force. This will not only be a replay of the subprime loan mess, as housing values have crashed; but is an assault on democratic principals, established law and traditions that predate our nation, going back to English Common Law… To this I say, not just NO, but HELL NO!

So Rep. Frank, Mr. Attorney General (excuser of voter fraud and intimidators) and Mr. President, I say, OK! The time has come. Let us have a coward-free discussion of race in America. Let us start with being honest about what you are trying to do. Do you have the courage to be honest or are you , “cowards on race”? We need not fight over each of these destructive and phony programs, individually. Let’s get to the bottom line and decide about Reparations, once and for all, and move on. Maybe then we can stop the destruction of our economy, stop the bashing of our democratic principals and STOP THE TAKING OF OUR LIBERTY.
–Phillip Thompson

Re: John Rosenthal’s Obama’s Snitch Program: “Chicago” Politics or EU Politics?:

Does it matter what geography produced such politics?

Barack Obama’s Snitchery Corps has the stench of Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia and Red China, among other fascistic countries/regimes.

One wonders exactly when Obama and his minions will actually announce the American analog of the political and social inquisition that occurred in those places?
Are they that stupid and/or arrogant, though?
One hopes not.
— C. Kenna Amos Jr.

Re: George Neumayr’s Beating Around the Bush:

After years of exposure to Bill and Hillary, most Americans have a pretty good idea who does and doesn’t wear the pants in their family. I suppose some overseas still have some catching up to do…
— Robert Nowall
Cape Coral, Florida

Re: Not Taking It Anymore:

Specifically to the remarks of — C. Kenna Amos Jr., Princeton, West Virginia.

More and more, the screeds of Madam Pelosi remind me of another idiot — Marie Antoinette
and her “let them eat cake” logic.

Hopefully Pelosi and her lap dogs will come to the same end, by which I mean out of office, not an appointment with Madame Guillotine!

Send this to the White House “fishy file!”
— C.D. Lueders
Melbourne, Florida

Re: Philip Klein’s Friend or Foil?:

I believe that H.B.3200 should be an experimental bill that would be tested by all federal employees including the House, the Senate, the Executive Branch, and the judicial branch, which includes all federally appointed Judges and the families of federal employees, Congress, Senate, Executive Branch, Judicial Branch, and all federally appointed Judges for a minimum of five years. At the end of that term, evaluate the system, extend it for another 2 years and at the end of seven years if it has met all of the requirements set forth by an independent evaluation committee {1 Senator from each State appoint one Health Care Professional to the Committee and 1 Economic expert, none which are related by birth or have any connection to members of any branch of government.} adopt it for the entire nation excluding illegal immigrants.
–Barbara Espinosa

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