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Troubles Everywhere

From the Department of Disjointed Thoughts and Topics:

Filibustered judicial nominees.  Dana Snarky Milbank of the Washington Post is all in a lather about supposed Republican hypocrisy about filibustering judicial nominees. Of course, he has spent years utterly ignoring all nuances or thoughtful explanations by Republicans about their stances on filibusters. And when he blasts far more hypocritical Democratic stances on filibusters, hell will freeze over. An entire column could be written nailing Milbank’s own double standards on the matter. But Mr. Snark isn’t worth the time. Just please wake me up when Republicans actually kill a judicial nomination, permanently — rather than unsuccessfully trying to delay a nominee — through a filibuster rather than a straight up and down vote. That’s when Milbank can talk about hypocrisy. Until then…oh, what’s the bother? Milbank is just a male Maureen Dowd, all snark and no substance, and ever will be thus……

The KSM Trial. Attorney Generally Corrupt Eric Holder thinks it is okay not to prosecute the New Black Panther Party hate group for voter intimidation, okay to send armed thugs to wave assault rifles in the face of six-year-old Cuban boys, okay to pardon Puerto Rican terrorists, okay to label his fellow Americans “a nation of cowards,” okay to stonewall Congress on issue after issue, okay to pardon a wealthy fugitive from justice just because he has ties to President Clinton, okay to overrule Justice Department lawyers on issue after issue for political reasons. All that is bad enough. But mark my words: If the KSM trial goes badly in any way, Holder may well have blood on his hands. He’s already the worst sort of political hack and race hustler; the KSM trial could make him a moral monster.

Does Barack Obama love the United States of America? I would welcome any evidence that he does. He could start by putting his hand over his heart at every playing of the National Anthem. Even that might be too much to ask of him, though.

A still-imbibing drunk preaching sobriety. Reuters headline: “Obama: Too much debt could fuel double-dip recession.” Lead sentence, opening clause: “President Barack Obama gave his sternest warning yet about the need to contain rising U.S. deficits….”  And we now should await The Onion reporting that in other news, Roman Polanski made a heartfelt plea to perverts to respect the innocence of youth.

Bow? Wow! The worst thing about Barack Obama’s bows to the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Japan was how spastic both bows looked. If you’ve ever seen the yoga move known as “downward facing dog,” and then tried to apply that movement while still on your feet, you get the idea.

Another White House thug. Hans von Spakovsky reminds us just who Bob Bauer, the new White House fixer, er, I mean White House counsel, really is. Hint: He wanted John McCain investigated, personally, for voter suppression. Of course, maybe he would have thought McCain was innocent if McCain had been smart enough to wear paramilitary garb and carry a night stick. Then it wouldn’t be vote suppression; it would be legitimate, official Democratic Party poll watching.

Rahm Emanuel, fingered.  That’s the answer. The question is, who is the White House honcho most well known for bare-knuckled tactics?

Transparent as stone. The most transparent administration in history could use some glasnost.

The worst low-profile law on the books. If people don’t start paying attention soon to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), we’ll have so many job losses and so many outrageously misguided criminal prosecutions on our hands that ordinary Americans could start thinking we live in a dystopian, authoritarian state. It purports to protect against lead poisoning. What it really does is oh so much more intrusive, and unnecessary, and counterproductive. Do read that link to learn about it.

That’s enough for now. Sorry to be such a downer. Blame the guy in the Oval Office.

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