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Wish List for 2010

Hope springs eternal, sometimes far outstripping probability. In that light, here are some things I hope to see in 2010:

• Republican leaders finally actually win a legislative battle important to conservatives, rather than merely finding ways to put up a supposedly noble but failed fight.

• Eric Holder resigns amidst disgrace and scandal. (Eric Holder is a disgrace and a scandal.)

• Members of the New Black Panther Party are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the laws, both civil and criminal, for voter intimidation in Philadelphia.

• Obamacare is defeated in an open vote in Congress. (See item one above.)

• Valerie Jarrett is finally taken to account for her sleazy background.

• Emanuel brothers Rahm and Ezekiel are both forced to leave the administration in disgrace. (Chicago politics and eugenics both deserve to take a fall.)

• Labor bosses lose all their major battles (while workers actually benefit).

• Eastern European nations finally get the missile defense, and the other support, that they need in order to lessen the Russian menace. The Poles, the Czechs, the Latvians, etcetera, represent the new vanguard of freedom, and merit American admiration and diplomatic support.

• Frank-enstein twins Al (Franken) and Barney (Frank) become increasingly the main public face of congressional liberals, in the process sounding so obnoxious and radical that the public reacts by self-identifying as conservatives by ever-larger margins.

• The Reid-Pelosi minions lose their congressional majorities in November, thus helping eliminate the threat they pose to our beloved republic.

• “Yes we can” becomes an ironic buzzword of the right as crowds chant “yes, we can” beat Obamacare, yes we can stop cap-and-trade, yes we can stop “card check” legislation, yes we can stop the climate-change cultists, yes we can protect private property and the Second Amendment, and yes we can most certainly keep the energy of the TEA Party movement and the town hall meetings just as strong as, or even stronger than, it was in 2009.

• Ben Bernanke, up until now a terrible Fed Chairman (as he was a terrible Fed board member), finally gets a clue and makes strengthening and stabilizing the dollar the Fed’s primary focus.

• Liberal “establishment media” outlets lose so much money that finally, out of desperation, a few of them actually stop editorializing within supposedly straight news, start giving conservatives fair shakes in headlines and story placement, and in general become honest organizations rather than knee-jerk mouthpieces for the political and especially cultural left.

• Ice fields in both Antarctica and the Arctic Circle grow so much, so undeniably, that Al Gore admits the inconvenient truth that he was wrong all along — especially when the snows of Kilimanjaro also cover every peak and slope of that mountain.

• Grassley gets his man back in. I mean U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, who has been waging a heroic battle to right the wrong done to Gerald Walpin, the former inspector general of the Corporation for National and Community Service who was fired by the Obamites for the sin of actually doing his job of exposing the corruption and incompetence of Obama allies. Reinstatement of Mr. Walpin would be both a symbolic and a substantive victory for the cause of integrity in government.

• Heroic American servicemen (and women) see their efforts finally come to fruition as Iraq and Afghanistan both stabilize, both as firm American allies.

• The Saints go marching in. The New Orleans Saints, that is, all the way to victory in the Super Bowl. Even more than four years after Hurricane Katrina, a Saints title after 43 years of futility would be such a great “feel-good” story that the whole country (even the fans of whoever loses the Super Bowl, after getting over their disappointment) would applaud. Who dat say dere ain’t no happy endings?

A whole lot of other items could be added to make a great wish list for 2010, but that will need to do for now. But the overall message of this column can be found, and spelled out, by using the first letter in each item above. Happy New Year!

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