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Conservative Civil Disobedience Against Gun Restrictions

Colorado State Senator Greg Brophy (R-Wray), in debating the Michael Bloomberg-pushed “high capacity” gun magazine ban in Colorado, announced that if the bill becomes law, he will not obey it.

Neither will I, and I imagine many thousands of other Coloradoans will also refuse to comply. (The link and embedded video below start at the 10:48 point in Brophy’s testimony where he says this, followed by cheers from the gallery that the Senate President silences with the gavel. But I encourage you also to watch the entire 12 minutes.)

Not only does the measure ban pistol and rifle magazines with capacity greater than 15 rounds, but it bans magazines which are “designed to be readily converted to accept more than 15 rounds.” As Senator Brophy explained at the beginning of his testimony, this bill makes illegal the standard magazines of 15-round (or less) capacity for many guns, including Glock pistols, probably the most popular handguns in the United States, because Glock magazines and most others include a removable base plate which allows an extender to be attached. Thus the 15-round magazine is “designed to be readily converted” to exceed that limit, and is thus illegal even if not converted.

At least unless and until Glock makes a magazine without a removable base plate (which is also useful for magazine cleaning), the magazine ban effectively bans the sale of many or most handguns.

It is time for those who support Second Amendment rights to stand up even more aggressively (but not violently) against these out-of-control anti-gun bills, including by contacting Governor John Hickenlooper to let him know that we will refuse to abide by this law.

Greg Brophy is truly a champion for the rights of Coloradoans. (And to be clear, I’m fairly impressed with most of our Republican state senators on that score.) It is a long time until the next election, but I trust that Democrats will be harshly punished for ramming unpopular legislation down their constituents’ throats in the service of Michael Bloomberg and Joe Biden. If they want to represent New York and Washington, DC, I encourage them to move there. Until then, it will be the voters’ job to move them out of their seats in the legislature.

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