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NRSC, jerks

I’m with Chuck DeVore on this one. And with Ovide Lamontagne, Rand Paul, and others who are complaining. The NRSC, which has been screwing up races consistently since at least 1986, should not, repeat not, repeat NEVER EVER EVER, take sides in basic intraparty primaries. It should hold its fire, and its money, for the general election campaign against Democrats. (For that matter, that’s what the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, or whatever it’s called, should do as well, vs. Repubs.) But the ever-arrogant, ever-clueless, ever-counterproductive, ever-anti-conservative NRSC repeatedly shows favoritism, sometimes tacit and sometimes explicit and measurable, for moderate, establishment, milquetoast candidates supposedly supported by wealthy backers or by their own wealth. This is true for the staffers; it is true for the pompous senators chosen to chair the NRSC (in this case, John Cornyn), and it is true for the Senate Republican leadership that pressures the NRSC to behave as it does. And the amazing thing is, these paragons of conventional wisdom are always wrong. They always pick the wrong candidates, do the wrong things, promote the wrong strategies and tactics. They are a plague on Republicanism and on conservatism. They are a disaster. And they should cease and desist.

The rules should be this: No endorsements intra-party. No aid given to one candidate intra-party that is not given for all, unless there is an open, 90 percent vote of active GOP senators (this would be known as the David Duke Exception). No secret help that is not available to all. No fundraising lists given to one that are not given to all.

This goes the other way, too. No NRSC aid for conservatives ahead of moderates. This isn’t ideological (although the NRSC clearly is, the wrong way). It’s practical. It is a recognition that Washington doesn’t know best, that local Republicans are perfectly capable of choosing their own candidates, and that money and time and effort spent trying to beat other Republicans is money, time and efforts that won’t be spent beating Democrats.

If John Cornyn and his ilk and his aides can’t understand that, then may a pox fall on their houses.

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