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Justice Dep’t Recusal List!

To give credit where it is due, Byron York had a good piece on a brewing battle between Sen. Chuck Grassley and AG Eric Holder about how many times Justice officials have been forced to recuse themselves on suspected-terrorist detainee cases. Well, just within the past hour, we at the Wash Times advanced the story in a special early editorial. The answer for one official, departmental number 3 Tom Perelli: 39 times. This is a Wash Times opinion department exclusive.

The names of the detainees? Saad Al Qahtani. Mohammed Zahrani. Achraf Salim (“Sultan”) Abdessalam. Abdul Rahman Abdul Abu Ghityh Sulayman. ……

Again, here’s the link. Interesting stuff. Please read.

And it comes on the heels of my colleague Kerry Picket’s great report yesterday that makes Chuck Schumer look a bit two-faced, about whether or not foreign terrorists captured abroad should be tried in criminal courts here.

All in all, this whole KSM trial continues to look worse and worse every day and every hour.

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