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On Holder and the CIA

Leon Panetta, a good man (albeit too liberal) serving a bad administration, really ought to resign. And Eric Holder, a very bad man proving himself even worse than was expected, ought to be hounded out of office. Panetta’s resignation should be in protest, of course, of Holder’s decision to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate CIA interrogation methcds despite explicit promises not to do so. Panetta clearly is on the outs with this outrageous administration anyway, so he ought to go down ina  blaze of glory, over a matter of principle rather than hanging on to provide cover to these thugs and Alinskyites.

As for Holder, the man is a menace to this nation. He helps secure pardons for rich, awful cretins like Marc Rich, and for murderous Puerto Rican terrorists. He promises not to do “midnight raids” to steal Elian Gonzalez from his family, then justified breaking his pledge by saying it was “almost dawn.” He refuses to prosecute New Black Panthers for voter intimidation and then sends out his flacks to lie about who made the decision. He calls the United States a “nation of cowards.” He goes back on his word on numerous fronts, catalyzing Republicans who voted to confirm him to rake him over the coals in committee hearings because of his rank dishonesty. He promises to honor the Office of Legal Counsel, but instead overrides its considered legal opinion at the first opportunity. And so on, ad infinitum. Now he endangers the country and breaks his word again by appointing this special prosecutor, putting a terrible chilling effect on CIA operatives worldwide who now KNOW that Washington does not have their backs even when they have already been assured otherwise.

I repeat: Eric Holder is a menace to this nation. He is a bad man, a bad human being. And the president who stands by him is, by doing so, completely complicit in his perfidy.

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