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Kennicott the Race-Hustler

By the way, this might be the single most asinine, nonsensical, off-the-wall, flat-out stupid piece I have ever seen in the Washington Post. And that’s saying a lot. Somehow, even though Heath Ledger’s “Joker” character was white, the use of the image superimposed over Obama is portrayed by Post staff writer Phllip Kennicott as being racist. This is the ultimate liberal bugaboo: that EVERY criticism from the right carries with it the secret motive of deep racial animus. Kennicott writes, or rather bleeds his own twisted psychology, on the page thusly: “Although Ledger was white, and the Joker is white, this equation of the wounded and the wounding mirrors basic racial typology in America. Urban blacks — the thinking goes — don’t just live in dangerous neighborhoods, they carry that danger with them like a virus.” Which leads to this breathless, accusatory conclusion: “Obama, like the Joker and like the racial stereotype of the black man, carries within him an unknowable, volatile and dangerous marker of urban violence, which could erupt at any time. The charge of socialism is secondary to the basic message that Obama can’t be trusted, not because he is a politician, but because he’s black.”

I repeat, this is quite simply lunacy. And it is vicious. Look, I know something about real racism. Check my long, long record of fighting it in multiple, very public ways in Louisiana and in Alabama (which I won’t bore you with here). This Obama/Joker post has nothing to do with race. Nothing. But those who say it does are the ones who can’t get beyond race, who are obsessed with race, who are purveyors themselves of continuing racial discord. In fact, one of the biggest spurs to some whites IGNORING real racism when people point it out to them is that they so often have been falsely accused, with no facts and no truth, of being racist themselves that they discount even the real thing the same way the villagers discounted the threat of the real wolf because the boy had cried “wolf” so often.  It is the false accusation that makes it harder, not easier, to fight against the real thing.

And yes, the real thing, actual racism, of course still exists. It exists by whites against blacks and by blacks against whites. But it is nowhere near as widespread, especially among whites, as it was 30 years ago, or even as it was 10 years ago. And its vestiges will never be stamped out if idiot agitators like Kennicott keep crying “Racist” when no racist is there.

Somebody ought to get a photo of Kennicott and paint a Joker mask on HIS face……

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