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Obama, Grifter

Whether it is three card monte, Lookie-Loo, the pigeon drop, or any of the other world-famous cons, the keys to success are speed, confusion, charm, and a smooth and distracting spiel.  Is the Obama legislative strategy an enormous taxpayer grift? 

Obama, Grifter 
By Asher Embry

Obama’s urging once again that Congress act too fast.
You’d think they’d learned a lesson when the Stimulus was passed.
But no, before they even read a bill it’s passed and signed.
Barack’s now made it de rigueur, this legislating blind.

So legislation through the halls of Congress blithely hurtles,
Bestowing funds from “Stimulus” for jogging paths for turtles.
We’re finding out, months later, it’s exactly as we thought,
Few knew what lovely “gifts” our hard-earned money really bought.

And now Judge Sotomayor’s hearing’s scheduled much too soon;
There’s barely time to analyze the fervid path she’s hewn.
The bills which tax our use of power are also rushing through;
They’re still collating pages so who knows just what they do?
And health care change is on the way, few details yet, alas.
No matter, says Obama, we just need a bill to pass.

We worry how health care’s reformed; it’s really life and death.
We’d love to know they’ve thought this through; took time to take a breath.
The hints we get dishearten, there’s the cost and so much more:
Just what exactly is their “Health Choices Commissioner” for?

“O” learned with bumper stickers, simple slogans are the best;
No need to take positions when you’re just a Rorschach test.
But governing is different, you’re supposed to have a plan;
Not simply “Hope” or “Change” or that most putrid, “Yes We Can.”

So far that’s all we’re getting, though, their slogan legislation.
The reason, crass and cynical: “O’s” smooth manipulation.
It’s easier to pass a bill if you refuse to say
Exactly what it’s going to do or how you’re going to pay.

The con man knows the key to the deception in his grift
Is making sure he keeps it moving, always deft and swift.
So “O” and Ax and Rahm will keep on pushing fast and loose
Unless — until — we stand and say “no more” to this abuse.

(You can read more of Asher Embry’s Political Verse at www.politicalverse.com.) 

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