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“Putting Obama First”

President Obama’s reaction to Iranian protests demonstrated his “Third Way” political philosophy of “Putting Obama First.”

“Putting Obama First”
By Asher Embry

Obama’s mumbling on Iran was, sadly, as expected.
It showed his core philosophy is just as we suspected.
Not speaking out against Iran’s suppression at its worst
Just proves his guiding principle is: “Put Obama First.”

The problem was these protests put in jeopardy his dream,
To sit down face to face with Tehran’s leadership supreme.
And then he’d work his magic and convince them with his charm
To give up nukes and terror and to otherwise disarm.
The world would then revere Barack, they’d celebrate his name.
Without Barack to save us, we would never be the same.
Though no one else could tame Iran, Obama got it done.
And then we’d finally all admit: he really is “the One.”

But now that dream was waning as the freedom protests grew.
Faced with disappointment, what’s a megalomaniac to do?

That’s why O issued statements which were tepid, soft and late.
Pronounced he was excited seeing “vigorous debate.”
He didn’t want to jeopardize his chance to sit for tea
With Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; persuade him to agree.

There’s no other explanation for ignoring freedom’s cry.
We’ve always stood with democrats and never questioned why.

Some will say “O” played it right; not “meddling’s” smart and knowing.
Many say it’s just his inexperience which is showing.
They hate to say “we told you so,” reminding as they grouse:
He never had these problems in the Illinois State House.
They point to Putin’s move invading Georgia, with a fight;
It took “O” several days and tries to get his statement right.
Best case — his incompetence — gets the benefit of the doubt,
But please don’t rashly rule the “messianic” theory out.

We fear he’d still be mute today if polling didn’t find
His interest and the rest of ours had thankfully aligned.

(You can read more of Asher Embry’s Political Verse at www.politicalverse.com.) 

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