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A Bright, Sunny, Safe Day

Earlier in April, Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair, contextualizing interrogation procedures detailed in the Bush-era Justice Department memos President Obama released, said: “Those methods, read on a bright, sunny, safe day in April 2009, appear graphic and disturbing.” President Obama added: “We have been through a dark and painful chapter in our history.” 

“A Bright, Sunny, Safe Day in April 2009”     
By Asher Embry

Air Force One buzzed New York causing fear along the way,
Stirring haunting memories of that dark September day.
A picture says a thousand words and this one says a lot.
It seems for many, like Barack, a lesson’s been forgot.

Have we regressed to world-views held before al-Qaeda struck?
What else explains these actions of a White House gone amuck?
Releasing secret memos, giving tactics public airings,
Apologizing constantly for losing moral bearings.

“Torture” didn’t cause this history “O” calls “dark and painful.”
Jihadists’ hatred wrote this plot, with actions base and baneful.
And who could think the terror war is done and now we’re safe?
If “O” sees only “sunny” days, he really is a naïf.

There’s no one who recalls that day who’d ever send that plane.
By failing to remember, it could happen once again.
The reason why this photo-op still causes us to fuss;
We may stop fighting terrorists, but they’re still fighting us.

(You can read more of Asher Embry’s Political Verse at www.politicalverse.com.)

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