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Obama Unbowed

We saw President Obama shake hands with a lot of short people in Mexico and at the Summit of the Americas. Not once did we see the bow-like, waist-high bend of the patented Obama short-person handshake.

Short Shakes
by Asher Embry

We saw Obama bow before the King with our own eyes.
The White House gave a lame excuse which clearly no one buys.
The essence, after several tries; their laughable retort:
Obama had to do it ‘cause Abdullah was so short.

And so we watched quite carefully Barack in Mexico.
We studied with precision just how low his head would go. 
Felipe Calderon is really brave but hardly tall.
Obama met el Presidente with no bow at all.

In Trinidad all weekend long the same result held true.
With scads of compact leaders, not a bow appeared in view.
(By that we mean the bow itself, specifically that act;
Of course, verbal prostrations, Barack’s speeches never lacked.)

He’s caught up in this silly lie, he now must disavow.
The lesson learned from Nixon: it’s the cover-up, not the bow.

(You can read more of Asher Embry’s Political Verse at www.politicalverse.com.)

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