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PG Celebration or Ashton Maduro

John: Though the Ashton Cabinet #2 is a truly fine cigar, I must dispute your contention that it is a perfect election night smoke. The perfect smoke to enjoy whilst awaiting returns depends on the final polling numbers. If you expect a win, but expect it late into the night, the PG Celebration is the best at about 9.5 inches long it lasts about 3 hours. I’d put the Ashton #2 behind it, barely. If you expect a loss (or the election of a Clinton, any Clinton, to any office) your cigar must match your black mood. Which brings us to the Ashton or PG or Avo maduros. (Ashton used to make a small maduro, panatela size, that was my fave. Haven’t seen it in years.) And in either event, you must have just one wee dram of whiskey. In the event you expect to lose the presidency in ’08, better have a PG Maduro Celebration on hand. It’s powerful, but should not matter in that circumstance. Your head will be buzzing anyway.

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