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A Project for Young Conservatives

Peter Suderman is calling for better conservative journalism:

…too much of it has become devoted to little more than ideological bullying. And while I don’t think that’s always unreasonable (it is, after all, opinion journalism), I’d also love to see, along with greater collegiality, more curiosity, more creativity, more observation, and less fist-pounding. Writers of the conservative persuasion, or anything somewhat resembling it, ought to spend more time wondering about how the world is and less demanding that it change to suit their whims.

So where should we direct these efforts? National Review, The Weekly Standard, The American Spectator, City Journal and Reason, among others, are integral to the right’s intellectual health… but our sharpness and ability to win converts also depends on engaging centrist, liberal and apolitical Americans.

My fear is that the right puts too little emphasis on that task, which is why I agree with Ross that the younger generation of heterodox conservative writers is cause for cautious optimism-but only if the work we do writing for movement magazines is merely a part of our oeuvre.

An American reading unaffiliated newspapers or magazines is likely to encounter talented liberal writers and thinkers, and significantly less likely to encounter journalists from the conservative or libertarian right. So far the right’s response to this bias has understandably been to create our own outlets for opinion and analysis, a project that has been quite successful.

But it isn’t fated that unaffiliated publications must be de facto liberal, and the right ought to endeavor to prove it.

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