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Re: No Future. No Future?

I wrote a long rumination on this important subject last night which was fortunately deleted by internet gremlins at the instant of publication. Suffice it to say that the roots of internecine glumfighting run very deep in conservative DNA, and as irritated as any public figure may be to find him or herself stuck sharing an affinity-group label (like ‘the movement’) with rubes or snobs, the bigger picture is unquestionably the health of ‘the movement’ in question. The kicker is that some are inclined to measure its health by its capacity to endure, in and out of political power, as a well-funded, high-profile machine that rewards its own. And some are not. To the extent that younger commentators fall into the latter camp, they’re even gloomy about what might look an awful lot to some establishment figures like the success of ‘the conservative movement.’ But to the extent that younger commentators agree that America’s best days are still ahead, which I think they do, gloomy is the wrong word to describe them.

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