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The Spitzer Complaint

I just read it, or at least the parts that pertain to Spitzer (aka Client -9). As Quin already noted, the complaint doesn’t name Spitzer, but makes clear that he had an ongoing relationship with the prostitution ring, because of various references to him having money on deposit in the account.

A few other notworthy details for those who may not want to read through the whole complaint:

–The details suggest that Spitzer was taking measures to avoid being caught. It notes that “Client-9 would not do traditional wire transferring” of payment, but instead sent the money without a return address.

–At one point, the complaint cites a wire tap in which Spitzer said after his money arrived, he had a $2,600 on balance. He offered to give the prostitute “Kristen” an additional $3,600, which would leave him with a balance of $1,000 once payment was deducted for services rendered. That would suggest he paid $5,200 for said services. In addition, he aggreed to pay for train tickets to transport “Kristen” from New York to Washington, DC, as well as “cab fare from the hotel and back, mini bar or room service, travel time, and hotel.”

–What did he get for all his money. In the complaint, the defendant who arranges the meeting for Spitzer, describes “Kristen” as “an American, petite, very pretty brunette, 5 feet 5 inches, and 105 pounds.” At the end of the evening, “Kristen” reported back that her appointment with Spitzer went well, and she was quoted as saying, “I don’t think he’s difficutlt.”

One thing that struck me when reading through the complaint is how much time Spitzer spent during work hours making calls to his pimp, dealing with his bank to try to withdraw the necessary funds, and mailing out envelopes of dough.

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