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Clinton Camp Claims Voter Intimidation

I’m on a Clinton campaign conference call in which Howard Wolfson and company are claiming that that Clinton supporters are being “locked out” of the caucuses in Texas by Obama supporters, and the call became heated when it was crashed by Obama’s top lawyer. According the claims, Obama supporters gained control of some caucus rooms and let other Obama supporters in and shut the doors before Clinton supporters could get in. They described the occurrences as “extraordinary” and said “all options are on the table” as far as legal action.

The call became contentious when a furious Bob Bauer, the general counsel for Obama, claimed that these accusations were the same as claims made in Iowa by the Clinton campaign, and with a preemtive lawsuit in Nevada.

It’s getting ugly in Texas.

UPDATE: Just wanted to recap some of the fierce back and forth between Bauer and Wolfson on the call, in which mock cordiality barely masked the bitterness between the two camps.

Bauer attacked the Clinton campaign for having lodged complaints in both Iowa and Nevada about the caucus process, but Wolfson responded that this was the first time they had held an emergency conference call on caucus night to point out irregularities.

Wolfson prompted Bauer to “join with us this evening in helping to make sure that these problems are corrected so that everybody has an opportunity to participate.”

Bauer shot back that, “I’m more than happy to enter into any commitment that you might have to actually for the first time in some period of time stop attacking the caucus process that didn’t start bothering the Clinton campaign until it ran a series of fairly extraordinary losses.”

Then Wolfson snapped, “I just want to make sure that all the reporters know that it was the Obama campaign that made a very long list of allegations about the caucus process in Nevada, when you lost that caucus.”

Bauer noted that the Obama campaign did not file a lawsuit in Nevada, thanked Wolfson for letting him ask a question, and said he would yield so that reporters could participate.

“We look forward to asking our own questions in subsequent phone calls of yours,” Wolfson quipped.

“Pleasure,” Bauer responded. “I can’t wait to hold one and have you as my first questioner.”

UPDATE II: Audio up here.

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