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Change vs. Experience

Should Barack Obama go on to win the Democratic nomination, the key reason is that in the overriding debate in the race, Obama was able to convincingly argue that he was an agent of change, but Hillary Clinton’s case for why she has so much experience was rather weak, or at least way oversold. When her face comes on at the end of the “red phone” ad about who you want answering the phone at 3am, it could almost be the punchline of a joke. Only in her own mind is she the person you’d want answering that phone. Obama pretty effectively responded:

“We’re still waiting to hear Senator Clinton tell us what precise foreign policy experience that she is claiming that makes her prepared to answer that phone call at 3 in the morning,” Obama said, to cheers at a town hall meeting…

With that said, while Obama may be riding high now, he wouldn’t be able to lob the same criticism at John McCain in the general.

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