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Obama Hammers Hillary

That was the most heated exchange between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to date, Obama finally took the gloves off and connected Bill and Hillary as a team. I thought Obama got the better of that exchange, both on style and the merits.

Hillary tried to say that Obama praised Republican ideas, when Obama correctly noted that what he clearly said was that Ronald Reagan was a transformative leader because he was able to appeal to independents and Democrats, and Obama realizes that to a achieve an agenda a leader needs to pursuade ouside the liberal base. Hillary patently lied, and he called her on it.

If Obama came across as ungracious with his “You’re likable enough” line in the NH debate, Hillary came off as really ungracious in this one. After she attacked Obama for two minutes, Obama started to respond, and she interrupted his response, and he had to say, “You had your two minutes.”

They really got into the mud too–Obama saying he was working with people on the streets in the early 1980s when she was a corporate lawyer on the board of Wal-Mart, and she accused him of representing a slum lord, Tony Rezko.

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