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NRO, Romney, And The Royal ‘We’

For awhile, Romney-booster Kathryn Jean Lopez seemed to be striking a more neutral tone with regard to her favored candidate, and I give her credit for that, in stark contrast to Hugh Hewitt. But as the primary season has gotten into full swing, she has drifted back into her totally smitten with Mitt mode, and I forgot how off-putting it was.

Particularly annoying to me is her posts that equate a Romney victory with a victory for conservatives in general. Just because NR has endorsed Romney, it doesn’t mean that everybody on the right is in universal agreement that he is the candidate of conservatives, and that what’s good for him is good for all of us.

This morning, for instance, she writes:

Sounds Like Victory [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

Winning sounds good.

Listening to Romney people this morning — on the phone, over e-mail, on the radio (Vin Weber just now on Bennett’s radio show), they sound like people I haven’t talked to, frankly, in months. They sound reenergized and determined. (Have you ever seen the governor himself that revved up?)

They also have that lucky-to-be-here and in-love-with-America tone I heard in Jeri Thompson’s voice on Mark Levin’s show last night, too.

I have no real point here, other than they’re encouraging sounds from the Right. That and maybe we have encouraging days to come in this primary season.

Now obviously, commentators should be given more leeway than straight news reporters when it comes to supporting a given candidate, but I think it’s a bit presumptuous for her to assume she speaks for all conservatives.

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