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I think Luntz’ groups are nonsense so I won’t quote them when they stumble into the truth. A broken clock is right twice a day. Big winners: Thompson and McCain. Thompson gave himself an opening in South Carolina and gave conservatives a place to jump from the Romney leaking ship. He may have scuffed up Huckabee sufficiently to allow either himself or McCain to win SC. If the latter he ironically would have done his old friend the greatest of favors. (Perhaps one he might remember when it comes to filling VP slots should he get that far.) McCain is of course the other big winner because he suffered no nicks, no cuts, no bruises. He was calm, once again remarkably avoided serious injury on immigration and defended fiscal restraint but also tax cuts like he meant it. Romney was mostly ignored, the most painful indication as to where he is in the race. He improved his chances in the Michigan primary, his last shot perhaps, not one iota. Huckabee appealed to his core followers. He will now however face a reinvigorated Thompson and an emboldened McCain. Rudy? He was just fine and perhaps the most convincing on taxes but will face ever stronger opponents in Florida. Quite an impressive showing all around actually.

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