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Us and Them


Whose side is God on? The keys to sweet 16. Where's Hayek when you need him? Grow up, guys. Plus more.

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Boys Will Be Boys


Women will make them. Category-10 storm. Nowhere for Dems to hide. Can't win for losing McCain. Plus more.

How Not to Lose the ‘Celebrity’ Label

By on 9.15.08 | 8:17PM

It's like Karl Rove is running their campaign:

Barack Obama has planned appearances at back-to-back Beverly Hills fundraisers Tuesday evening, with the events on track to raise more than $9 million combined, possibly breaking the single-day fundraising record.
Anybody want to bet Steve Schmidt can't turn that into a laugh-out-loud campaign ad by Wednesday morning? And here's a juicy tidbit:
Fear is also a great motivator. With the rapid rise of rival Sen. John McCain in the national polls over the past week and the hubbub surrounding his vice presidential pick, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, a renewed sense of urgency has gripped Democrats.
"People are really scared that McCain is gaining," said a Hollywood politico involved with Tuesday's fundraiser. "In my 20 years here, I have never seen folks write checks like this."
I love the smell of panicky Democrats in the morning! (Hat tip: Jammie Wearing Fool.)

The Biden and Palin Effects

By on 9.15.08 | 11:10AM

Having chosen Joe Biden as his running mate, Obama is up all of 12 points in Delaware -- but in the last poll taken in the state before that, prior to his picking Biden or even wrapping up the Democratic nomination, Obama was already up by 9 points.

By contrast, since picking Sarah Palin, McCain has gone from being up 6 points in Alaska to being up 31 points.

Liberals Now Believe Hate Is A Family Value

By on 9.12.08 | 7:51PM

In my column for the main site this week, I mentioned how censorious and judgmental liberals have become about sex when they have a socially conservative Republican in their crosshairs. Here are some family-values pleasantries from Paul Hackett on Daily Kos:

Sarah Palin? Can't keep her solemn oath of devotion to her husband and had sex with his employee. Sarah Palin? Accidentally got pregnant at age 43 and the tax payers of Alaska have to pay for the care of her disabled child. Sarah Palin? Unable to teach her 16 year old daughter right from wrong and now another teenager is pregnant. Sarah Palin? Can you trust Sarah Palin and her values with America's future?

The former Democratic congressional candidate's analysis of Obama's problems in Ohio is less unhinged.

Palin and Gibson, Part II

By on 9.12.08 | 7:07PM

Just watched the next segment, which focused on domestic issues, and Palin was much stronger. On the difference between McCain's economic policies and Bush's, she waffled, and on earmarks, she was forced to explain how Alaska was still accepting earmarks (and reply to her initial support of the "Bridge to Nowhere.") She wasn't at her best.

Heavy Briefing

By on 9.12.08 | 1:13PM

Yesterday, one of the Democratic Party's self-appointed commissars in the media, E.J. Dionne, was mightily dismissive of Sarah Palin based on what he found in a New York Times story:

"Aides traveling with Ms. Palin have reported back to associates that she is a fast study -- asking few questions of her policy briefers but quickly repeating back their main points -- who already has considerable ease and experience before cameras.

"A former aide in Alaska who had helped prepare Ms. Palin for her campaign debates there said she had a talent for distilling information into digestible sound bites. The aide said she generally prefers light preparatory materials to heavy briefing books, and prefers walking through potential questions and answers with aides to holding mock sessions."