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You’re Being Provoked
Rep. Liz Cheney speaks during a Jan. 6 Committee hearing on Dec. 19, 2022 (CNN/YouTube)

The repercussions of that disaster at the White House last week — you know, the one that included the Lady Gaga soundtrack, the public policy pronouncements of Cyndi Lauper, and drag queens in tow — continue to rumble. On Monday, I was on Chicago’s Morning Answer with Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson, and Proft was still in a lather about the Respect for Marriage Act’s passage, with submissive Republicans signing on and producing that outrageous bill-signing spectacle.

Here’s the segment, if you’d like to watch:

What I said in response to Dan’s open, that I’m most irritated by the failure of the submissive Stupid Party to get anything in return for surrendering to a core cultural aggression of the Left (institutionalizing gay marriage as the new American norm), I stand by. But what I would have said, now that I think about it, is slightly different.

Because I went on to talk about the Left’s sloppily hidden real agenda, which is at stake here, and I might have just opened the discussion solely with that subject.

Namely, that all of this — the treasonous oil and gas policy, endless payments to Ukraine, the mainstreaming of pedophilia and the transgender agenda, the nonstop critical race theory indoctrination in government schools and government offices, the persecution of vaccine refusers, and the over-the-top inflationary bacchanal of government spending, which at this point is clearly designed to break the purchasing power of the middle class and first-time home buyers — is aimed at doing one thing.

It’s aimed at radicalizing you. It’s aimed at delivering more blows to your finances and morale than you can stand.

You’re going to do one of two things in response, they think — or enough of you will do these things — that they’ll turn America into a woke one-party state without even really having much of a fight over the question.

You might do what lots of American voters did in last month’s midterms, which is to throw up your hands, declare that the country is finished, and forget to vote. When the alternative that Republicans offer to Team Biden and the Democrats is Ronna McDaniel, Mitch McConnell, and Kevin McCarthy, that sort of apathy starts to become somewhat reasonable, though it’s certainly devastating.

Or you’ll do what they REALLY want you to do. Which is to pop off and do something radical and stupid. And that will justify sending men with guns to come and get you in the wee hours of the morning and putting you in chains as a political prisoner.

The Left has people who practice political violence, the kind of thing they’re hoping to get the Right to actually do (which is rare despite the nonstop government warnings about “right-wing terrorism”), all the time. They’ve got a virtual monopoly on political violence — or if you disagree, then feel free to explain the summer of 2020 without any “But Muh January 6!” whataboutism.

In fact, Jan. 6 is a perfect example of what this column is about — and timely, too, since on Monday we got the long-awaited “criminal referrals” from that kangaroo court, which will be almost assuredly treated as serious by the Merrick Garland Justice Department. The show-trial commission that this expiring Congress has spent the past two years pumping life into, long past the point when the public saw much of any value in their activities, went even so far as to refer several Republican House members — Jim Jordan most prominent among them — to the House Ethics Committee for failing to cooperate.

Everything about how they’ve handled the Jan. 6, 2021, Stop the Steal protest, President Trump’s speech to the crowd there, those protesters who entered the Capitol, and whatever provocation turned the protest into a riot has been a textbook case of poking the Left’s political opponents with the goal of creating a pretext for a massive crackdown on dissent.

It’s been referred to as Biden’s Reichstag fire, though that isn’t quite right. Jan. 6 was too minor for such a description. And besides, there are little Reichstag fires smoldering all over the place now.

They’ve spent years — the entire eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency, the two years of Biden’s term, and even the four years Trump was in office — operating as a shadow Deep State government that weaponized Twitter and perpetrated the Russia hoax right under Trump’s nose, building a repressive infrastructure among federal agencies like the IRS, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, the intelligence agencies, the EPA, and others.

There are so many federal agencies whose officials carry firearms now that the whole U.S. government appears militarized. And the FBI and Justice Department are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Democrat National Committee, to such an extent that they’re weaponized even against anti-abortion activists and parents giving left-wing school board members a piece of their minds. Not to mention what happens if you should make a little bit of money and out yourself with political donations to conservative candidates or groups — get ready for that IRS audit that is sure to come.

Now the IRS has to know instantly about every transaction you make that is larger than your monthly electric bill, so the whole financial history of every American is laid open for government algorithms and spooks to peruse.

And you’re living in a world full of drag queen groomers, including some who work in the Biden administration when they aren’t stealing women’s luggage from the baggage carousel at the airport. And if you think Sam Brinton wasn’t specifically hired BECAUSE of his weird sexual and criminal fetishes, think again.

They hired him for the same reason Richard — ahem, Rachel — Levine was hired. Team Biden is goading you. They’re busily demoralizing you, quietly — or not so quietly — getting in your face and telling you that This Is Not Your America Anymore.

And then they come up with a pseudo-academic term to describe what they’re doing, but since the Left does nothing if it isn’t projecting its own behavior on the Right, they apply it to the conservative response.

Or have you not heard of “Stochastic Terrorism”?

Last month, this fresh new nugget of political jargon was unleashed in a Scientific American article aimed at discrediting Christopher Rufo for his exposure of the transgender grooming craze that the Left is unleashing on America. We’ll let Rufo take it from here for a minute:

I browsed the news recently only to discover that, according to a popular science magazine, I was responsible for the attempted murder of Paul Pelosi, husband to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

In an opinion piece for Scientific American, writer Bryn Nelson insinuated that my factual reporting on Drag Queen Story Hour was an example of “stochastic terrorism,” which he defines as “ideologically driven hate speech” that increases the likelihood of unpredictable acts of violence. On the night of the attack, Nelson argued, I had appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss my reporting, and, hours later, the alleged attacker, David DePape, radicalized by “QAnon” conspiracy theories about “Democratic, Satan-worshipping pedophiles,” broke into the Pelosi residence and attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer.

This is a bizarre claim that, for a magazine supposedly dedicated to “science,” hardly meets a scientific standard of cause and effect. There is no evidence that DePape watched or was motivated by Tucker Carlson’s program; moreover, nothing in my reporting on Drag Queen Story Hour encourages violence or mentions Nancy Pelosi, QAnon, or Satan-worshipping pedophiles. My appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight and DePape’s attack against Paul Pelosi are, in reality, two unrelated incidents in a large and complex universe. And Nelson, a microbiologist specializing in human excrement, is full of it.

But Nelson isn’t trying to prove anything in a scientific sense. Under the concept of “stochastic terrorism,” logic, evidence, and causality are irrelevant. Any incident of violence can be politicized and attributed to any ideological opponent, regardless of facts.

That this is true is hardly in doubt. Witness when every single mass shooting is always weaponized against the Right, or alternatively against the gun industry and defenders of the Second Amendment. Never mind that causal connections almost never materialize to support the emotional calumnies. They’ll claim these events are “stochastic terrorism” on the part of various right-leaning actors even when the facts wholly contradict such claims.

Remember, it’s projection. Always projection. Rufo goes on:

The scheme works like this: left-wing media, activists, and officials designate a subject of discourse, such as Drag Queen Story Hour, off-limits; they treat any reporting on that subject as an expression of “hate speech”; and finally, if an incident of violence emerges that is related, even tangentially, to that subject, they assign guilt to their political opponents and call for the suppression of speech. The statistical concept of “stochasticity,” which means “randomly determined,” functions as a catch-all: the activists don’t have to prove causality—they simply assert it with a sophisticated turn of phrase and a vague appeal to probability.

Though framed in scientific terms, this gambit is a crude political weapon. In practice, left-wing media, activists, and officials apply the “stochastic terrorism” designation only in one direction: rightward. They never attribute fire-bombings against pro-life pregnancy centers, arson attacks against Christian churches, or the attempted assassination of a Supreme Court justice to mere argumentation of left-wing activists, such as, say, opposition to the Court’s decision in Dobbs. In those cases, the Left correctly adopts the principle that it is incitement, rather than opinion, that constitutes a crime—but conveniently forgets that standard as soon as the debate shifts to the movement’s conservative opponents.

Rufo doesn’t mention the best example of all, which was that Sen. Bernie Sanders went all around the country for well more than a year proclaiming the necessity for a “political revolution in this country,” but wasn’t held accountable when James Hodgkinson, one of his staunchest supporters, took him literally and attempted to make that revolution kinetic by shooting up the GOP’s congressional baseball team in June 2017.

Steve Scalise can tell you all about that. But nobody on the left can. They’re too busy trying to gin up all the Hodgkinsons on the right, who for some reason don’t seem to materialize unless they’re dragged into the criminal spotlight by the feds.

With drag queens and Black Lives Matter morons kneeling at the national anthem, and kiddie porn at the public library. And all the rest.

They want you to lose it and turn into Charles Whitman or Ted Kaczynski. Or they want you to give up.

So far, these tactics haven’t amounted to much. The Right has proved beyond much doubt that it isn’t very quick to political violence. But the people in charge of the Democrat Party are nothing if not persistent.

And who knows what’s next as they attempt to provoke normal Americans into a radical response.

Scott McKay
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