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Why Can’t He Tell the Truth?

Obamadate/January 25, 2015
Captain’s Log:

I have been observing President Obama for a few days and a number of questions have occurred to me:

1. In the President’s State of the Union address, he bragged about how U.S. oil production has surged thanks to shale drilling. Question for Mr. Obama: Does he not recall that he and his followers have been fighting and harassing the oil companies that are finding and producing all of that oil? Does he believe he deserves any credit at all for acts and successes done by people against whom he has waged war since he was a child?

2. In his SOTU, Mr. Obama bragged that the USA now has the highest high school graduation rate in its history. Roughly 80 percent of entering high school freshmen now graduate.

Questions: Is Mr. Obama aware that in the city where he gave his speech, Washington, D.C., only about 53 percent of high school students graduate? Is he aware that in this country the high school graduation rate in predominantly black cities is on average roughly twenty percentage points lower than for whites? Is Mr. Obama in possession of any data that shows whether the students who receive those high school diplomas actually know anything useful?

Mr. Obama boasted repeatedly about his successes fighting terrorists, not some of whom, all of whom are Islamists. Questions: Did he at any point use the word “Islamic” or “Islamist” in referring to terrorists in his speech? Why not? Who is he afraid of? Why can’t he tell the truth?

Is he aware of the near takeover of the strategically key nation of Yemen by Islamic fanatics? Is he aware of any major setbacks to date for the Islamist terrorists in the Middle East or in Nigeria? If he is, would he make them known? Is there anything stopping the Boko Haram from dominating Nigeria? Is he doing anything to stop them? The Islamic State is presently in the approaches to Baghdad. In what way does this show success in the fight against them?

Five years ago, there were dictators in power through the Middle East. They were awful people but their countries were fairly calm. Now, from Algeria to Pakistan, with the exceptions of Israel and Egypt, much of the Arab world is in chaos and has returned to primitive times in terms of the absence of law.

Question: In what way does this show success for Mr. Obama?

There is now a diplomatic brouhaha about Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, coming to D.C. to address Congress at the invitation of Speaker John Boehner. Mr. Obama is apparently furious that he was not consulted beforehand and was unable to veto the event.

Question: When the President of the United States directly or indirectly calls the Prime Minister of Israel, the only law-abiding democracy in the Middle East “a chicken s–t coward,” as Mr Obama did, what kind of behavior does he expect in return?

(By the way, my pal, N. Visser of Alberta, has pointed out something powerful: while Arabs and their courtesans on the left bewail Israeli bullying of the Arabs, has anyone noticed that almost no Arabs in Israel emigrate to the West Bank or Gaza? They know they have it great in law-abiding, free, prosperous Israel. They ain’t leaving. I wonder if the European Union has ever thought of that.)

Finally, Mr. Obama is President of the United States. He is not a minstrel in a traveling show. The day after his SOTU, he had over to the White House an enormous supposedly comical online weirdo woman wearing green lipstick, shown frolicking in a bathtub filled with milk and breakfast cereal, to ask him softball questions.

Now, I think it’s just great that he has offbeat African Americans interviewing him at the White House. They are citizens, too. But on the day Yemen falls, this is how he’s spending his time? He wants respect as President. Hard to believe he gets it frolicking with this green lipstick creature. Hard to believe he has time for the green lipstick comedienne and not time for reaching a better arrangement with Mr Netanyahu (who is by no means perfect himself). Israel is facing an existential threat from Iran. Sanctions are on the table. This is a huge subject and Netanyahu is coming to town. Can they really not find an hour taken away from Green Lipstick for Mr. Obama to discuss how to prevent a second Holocaust? Or maybe Mr Obama really does think he is a character in a frat house comedy. I guess he sees himself as everything.

But how sad that this delusional little man is our President. And how Mr. Putin must sneer when he considers who he is up against. God help us.

Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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