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We’re Going in the Wrong Direction

Tuesday–July 29, 2014
It is all happening again. Wild anti-Jewish mobs shouting, “Death to the Jews” in Berlin, threats against Jews wearing yarmulkes all across Europe, homes of prominent Jews attacked. “Celebrities” in Spain denouncing Israeli “fascism” for Israel defending itself.

Europe. And now that Europe is fast becoming a Muslim and Arab continent, there will be no turning back. The illness of Islamist hatred and fundamentalism is loosed upon once mighty Europe from within and the organism has no defense mechanism. Europe as a home of liberal ideas about the dignity of the individual will be only a memory by the time my 26-year-old son is middle aged. It is a catastrophe of historic, world-ending dimensions.

Here at home, what a spectacle: The President of the United States proclaiming a moral equivalency as between Hamas terrorists who use human shields, hide rockets in schools and hospitals and mosques and homes, and Israelis who want to defend their homes. The mayor of New York City, the uber-leftist Bill de Blasio, conspicuously absent from a pro-Israel rally, not even sending a message of support. Even New York City has politically been taken over by the anti-Semite left.

Of course, day by day the New York Times tells stories of Arab suffering in Gaza with no context at all of how Hamas brought it all onto them — and could stop it at any time. The Times, in many ways a work of journalistic genius, now becomes the cheerleader for the racist left.

And Mr. Obama flies from one fundraiser to the next, disregarding the collapse of his nation’s position in the world on his watch. It is as if Churchill declined to participate in War Cabinet meetings and instead went to fundraisers and the Heinkels were bombing London and Coventry and Liverpool.

The Russians blatantly attack and invade their neighbor. Obama issues sanctions so weak they would not stop a kitten. The Russians blatantly violate a missile limitation treaty by developing a super accurate long-range cruise missile. Obama notes it. But does he say we are walking away from it, too? Does he go to Congress and ask for more money for defense and to build up our own missile delivery systems? Of course not, because that would be helpful to America.

Again, it is as if upon the Fall of France, Churchill went on the radio and warned Hitler of sanctions that would really, really this time hurt him if he didn’t withdraw and tell Reynaud he was sorry. Churchill, of course, called for sacrifice by the British people to defend their island and their race and their way of life. Obama whistles past the graveyard.

The world has not been in this bad a condition in at least forty years. And in the sad truth of the intractability of Muslim fanaticism, the threat to the free way of life has never been greater.

Incredibly, while the world faces a monster of insatiable appetite and cruelty, Obama’s projects are aimed at protecting the rights of gays and lesbians and transgender people. I am all for it, but what does Mr Obama think the fate of these people will be in an Islamist world?

Incredibly, while the USA becomes a military laughingstock, totally unable or unwilling to help Ukraine, Mr. Obama thinks the main military problem is sexism in the armed forces. Frankly, I suspect there is serious sexual exploitation of women in the military. But surely a nation as big and rich as the USA can beef up our military, modernize our military, and also educate about the rights of women at the same time.

And what kind of clown do we have a Secretary of State? Every single thing he touches turns to mud (to use a nice word). He cannot get anything done anywhere, not in Iraq, not in Afghanistan, not in Libya, which has become a failed state, not in Israel and Gaza, not in Ukraine, not in the South China Sea. He is deluded and he has no military muscle backing him up. He is like a castrato in a House of Ill Repute. The sights are interesting but not much is going to happen.

And our schools have been demolished by forced busing and political correctness. Our kids learn nothing but anti-American crap from their teachers. And we wonder why our kids know so little.

And we are supposed to think it’s the white racist society’s fault that crime rates for many violent crimes among the blacks are ten times those among whites. The fact that black men are wildly more likely to be in prison than whites is supposedly somehow unrelated to the rates at which they commit crimes. It’s racism to even doubt that the cause of all of this crime is racism.

It’s illegal to question climate change. You lose your job and your house if you breathe it on many college campuses.

We are rightly concerned about the loss of life in Gaza and Israel. But, we are supposed to just hide our heads in the sand and not notice that the deaths in the U.S. from abortion since the war in Gaza started are something like (roughly) twenty times the deaths in Gaza — and none of those babies was firing a rocket. They were all innocent.

And we wonder why two-thirds of Americans think we are going in the wrong direction. We are going in the wrong direction because our Leaders in the White House and the media and the academy are leading us down the pathways of self-loathing, defeatism, disarmament, and compulsory lying about crime, among many other subjects. Our Leaders are leading us into a very dark place and we wonder why the national mood is grim.

From, “It’s morning in America, ” to, “It’s mourning in America.” Thank you Barack Obama.

God help us. As for me, I want to go back to Idaho.

And I will. I will pass the time on Lake Pendoreille until the black flag mobs come marching across the Long Bridge and see how they like dealing with an armed people who love their freedom.

Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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