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Wendy Davis Doesn’t Understand Why Women Would Vote For Anyone Other than Wendy Davis


At last count, Democratic Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis is trailing about 10 points behind Republican candidate Greg Abbott, which is surprisingly to absolutely nobody, except perhaps Wendy Davis. The pink-shod prophet of the American feminist movement is absolutely astounded that any women would deign to support Greg Abbott’s oppressive, misogynistic campaign for Texas governor, when they have the luxury or supporting a modern female icon. 

She noted her befuddlement to Alex Wagner on MSNBC yesterday. Wagner, of course, shared her shocked confusion.

WAGNER: “One thing that has been surprising to me in this is that Greg Abbott somehow miraculously is running ahead of you by a couple points in the polls among women, and I wonder if you think this latest turn of events in Texas in terms of access to abortion will change that dynamic?”

DAVIS: “You know, I truly do not understand how women can support his candidacy. He not only supports the closure of these clinics that will endanger women’s health across the state, but he’s also said that he wants to roll back the law even further. He wants to make women’s access to reproductive health care illegal even in cases where a woman has been brutally raped; even in cases where a young girl might have been impregnated by her father in instances of incest. And his positions on these things are not in keeping with the positions of most people in our state. And he’s further shown himself to be against women’s interests in other regards. He has said that he will veto an equal pay for equal work bill if one lands on his desk. He has shown a disregard for women in his own office paying them $6,000 less a year than he pays equally qualified men.”

I agree, Wendy. How could any intelligent, educated woman who lives in relative freedom because of a cocktail of pro-business policies, ever want to consider any issue aside from abortion when picking a leader for their state? I mean, aside from the fact that the Texas abortion law brought abortion clinics up to the same standards expected of veterinary clinics and other ambulatory surgery centers (meaning, of course, that prior to the law, your dog could get safer gynecological care than your daughter), and the part of the law that bans abortion after the 22 week, a procedure even the people of France think is barbaric, women are clearly incapable of making a comprehensive decision in regard to their electoral preferences aside from those issues having to do with our ladyparts. Comprehending things like choice in education, economic stability and individual rights other than the right to privacy in reproductive matters, are far outside the intellectual power exhibited by we of the fairer sex. 

What Greg Abbott “wants,” of course is circumspect. I mean, obviously, he’s holed up in a mountaintop castle with a hunchbacked minion plotting out his plan to oppress the women of texas using parchment paper and ink made of the blood of adorable kittens that he drowned himself, but I’ve yet to see his nefarious plans come to fruition. I am a woman, though. I could have missed it.

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