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Tucker Carlson Exposes Jan. 6 Committee as Crude Liars
Tucker Carlson on March 6, 2023 (Fox News/YouTube)

“Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

Democrats and their votaries essentially ask that question in the wake of Tucker Carlson Tonight revealing security video withheld from the American people for over two years from inside of the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer accused Carlson of betraying a “contempt for the facts” in playing video from inside the Capitol, which he called “dangerous and unforgivable.” YouTube Orwelled searches for Carlson’s segments to a CNN segment criticizing them. Filmmaker Ken Burns characterized Carlson playing the raw footage as “a huge threat to our republic.”

It seems instead a huge threat to yet another “trust us” narrative. Do you know the type?

Trust us about Saddam Hussein sitting on a cache of weapons of mass destruction. Trust us that credible sources, and not minions of the opposing campaign, allege that Donald Trump relies on Russia to win the presidency. Trust us that the coronavirus that started in Wuhan did not come from a leak at the world’s premier coronavirus research facility that happens to operate out of Wuhan. Trust us that the Hunter Biden laptop originated as part of a Kremlin disinformation scheme.

The most trivial lie exposed by Carlson’s program clearly demonstrates why Democrats who weaponized the footage wanted to maintain control over it. The Jan. 6 Committee depicting Sen. Josh Hawley as a coward fleeing from a situation he helped create looks, given the context of the full video, distorted to the point of dishonesty. In the fuller clip shown last night, the police rush many people, presumably congressmen and staffers, out of the building. Hawley trails that main group. The clip that Democrats selectively spliced to laughter shows the Republican senator from Missouri alone running out of the building.

People who like comforting lies express outrage that we now know the truth about this rather inconsequential incident that nevertheless spotlights the lengths to which the Jan. 6 Committee went to embarrass opponents. Even on the small stuff, they warped reality to advance political interests.

Democrats and their allies in the media, of course, also lied about the day’s big occurrences.

The articles of impeachment against the former president claimed that Trump supporters “killed law enforcement personnel” by their “deadly” and “seditious acts.”

The New York Times reported that “pro-Trump supporters attacked that citadel of democracy, overpowered Mr. [Brian] Sicknick, 42, and struck him in the head with a fire extinguisher, according to two law enforcement officials. With a bloody gash in his head, Mr. Sicknick was rushed to the hospital and placed on life support.”

The video shown on Fox News on Monday shows Officer Brian Sicknick after his murder rather vigorously directing the protestors, in almost traffic-cop fashion, inside the Capitol without any signs of a “bloody gash” or impairment. Carlson pointed out that an “electronic bookmark” showed that House staffers watched this video, yet their bosses kept pushing the lie that the mob murdered Sicknick, who actually suffered a stroke and died the next day.

Democrats who knew better lied about a policeman’s death to advance their narrative. As Charles Hurt of the Washington Times told Carlson, “These people are truly sick.”

Carlson administered the only known cure for their disease: sunlight. People who operate in shadows and darkness cry foul when others push large numbers away from benightedness toward enlightenment.

The Carlson segments did not make heroes out of goats. The truth of what happened that day — a mob assaulting police, breaking windows at the Capitol, and protesting an election that their side lost — requires no embellishment to humiliate Republicans. Partisan politicians and crusading journalists compelled to lie by force of habit simply cannot help themselves. On Jussie Smollett, Covington Catholic, the Russia Collusion Hoax, COVID, and so much else, their modus operandi involves rushing to a side and constructing a rampart to defend the position or strike out at an enemy. In all of the aforementioned stories, but especially here, journalists displayed an incuriosity regarding the actual facts.

And if Carlson’s critics believe he distorted the ongoings inside the Capitol, they should push for publicizing more footage, not suppressing or ignoring the footage already in the public domain. It’s likely some of the recorded visual surveillance undermines Carlson’s thesis. Show all of that, too. The Tuesday edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight offered little in the way of unseen video. One hopes we see, from him and his critics, more surveillance recordings.

In arguing against Carlson showing the footage to the American people, Tim Mulvey, a spokesman for the Jan. 6 Committee, claimed: “It’s hard to overstate the potential security risks.”

The broadcast did not jeopardize any lives. It jeopardized quite a few lies.

Isn’t that exactly what good journalism does?

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