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Trump Brings Back Half of Lost Mining Jobs — Already!

What a difference an election makes.

Remember when liberals said there was NO WAY Donald Trump could or would ever revive the coal industry?

He was called a liar and a charlatan for going to West Virginia and Pennsylvania and other parts of economically depressed Appalachia promising that he would bring back coal jobs. “Coal is dead,” the Sierra Club declared triumphantly to its donors last year. The standard refrain from the left was that Trump is “lying” when he said coal jobs will can be resurrected.

Well, coal is back. The latest jobs report says that 8,000 more mining jobs were added in April. That brings the grand total to more than 40,000 new mining jobs since the election of Donald J. Trump. Does this sound like an industry in decline? That’s almost half the estimated 83,000 mining jobs that were lost in the Obama years!

It seems like just yesterday that Hillary Clinton was promising‎ to her left-wing millionaire and billionaire environmental friends that she would put every remaining coal worker out of a job. (Then she wonders how she lost West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio!)

She wanted to finish the job started by Obama in their war against fossil fuels.

The left wants to kill all coal jobs and production because of the hyper-obsession with global warming. The Wall Street Journal reports that China is building scores of new coal-burning power plants even as we have shuttered many of our domestic plants.

Groups like the Sierra Club have announced they don’t want to stop once they’ve murdered every coal job. Now they’ve announced they also want to eliminate all the jobs in oil and gas — that’s nearly 10 million jobs. This is why they are blocking pipelines all across America.

But the Trump counteroffensive is working. By repealing Obama executive orders meant to strangle the coal industry, this sector of the economy is rising up from its grave.

That’s good news for everyone who uses electricity and cares about working class Americans. America was built on coal. We have 500 years of this energy — far more than any other nation. For America not to use coal would be like Nebraska not growing corn or Texas not drilling for oil

Liberals have argued that coal’s decline is due to the advent of cheap shale gas. Thanks to fracking and other drilling technologies, natural gas prices have fallen from $10 to $3 per million cubic feet, which has hurt coal producers.

But economic necessity is the mother of invention and coal companies like Peabody have figured out how to become far more efficient in their production. Coal plants are reopening.

Elections have consequences. Hooray to the workers of the industrial Midwest — the miners, construction workers, engineers, steel workers and truckers whose jobs depend on coal. These are the blue collar and mostly unionized workers whom the Democrats left for dead.

King coal is on its way back and so are the jobs. Consider this a promise that Donald Trump has kept.

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