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To Everyone Celebrating Trump’s Indictment

The news of former President Donald Trump’s indictment by a Manhattan grand jury has been greeted with unabashed glee by Democrats, corporate media outlets, talking heads, and late-night “comedians.” These people clearly have no idea where this kind of politicized prosecution always leads. Once a ruling regime convinces the citizenry to accept the criminalization of political opposition, the inevitable result is a one-party state that systematically eliminates individual rights. That’s what Trump means when he says: “They’re not after me. They’re after you.”

Those who applaud Trump’s indictment, or the other spurious attempts to prosecute him, are cheering for the demise of their own right to democratically choose their elected leaders. Like the ridiculous Russia collusion hoax, the two unconstitutional impeachments, and the absurd antics of the Jan. 6 Committee, the “hush money” indictment has little or no legal merit. Its purpose is to deprive the voters of the chance to cast ballots for Donald Trump in the next presidential election. His political opponents are afraid he will defeat President Joe Biden in 2024. As longtime Democrat Julian Epstein writes in the Wall Street Journal:

Polls show most Democratic voters don’t want Mr. Biden to run again, but Democratic elites apparently believe that any dissent from party leadership or independent thinking—even in the name of an obvious truth—is dangerous to their job security.…

[Biden]’s always been a gaffe machine, but the condition is worsening. The president seems frequently confused on stage, unable to identify public officials and even calling on a deceased official. None of us can imagine him surviving a press grilling without countless mistakes.

Nonetheless, Biden is obviously gearing up for a reelection campaign, and that means Trump must somehow be prevented from running. It is by no means clear that a conviction pursuant to this indictment would present any legal barrier to his candidacy. Yet a Quinnipiac University poll released on March 29 found that a majority of Americans (57 percent) would consider it disqualifying. That percentage is likely to increase if he is indicted pursuant to one or more of three other criminal investigations being conducted in Georgia and by Special Prosecutor Jack Smith. That may render the GOP wary of nominating him again.

For now, however, the New York indictment is causing Republican voters to rally around Trump. A new Yahoo News/YouGov survey, conducted after he was indicted, shows Trump pulling away from his closest rival for the GOP presidential nomination. Two weeks ago, this polling firm showed him leading Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis 47–39. The new poll has Trump ahead of DeSantis 57–31. His lead has increased from 8 points to 26 points. Sunday morning, on CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, Trump attorney Joe Tacopina alluded to his client’s poll numbers during a general denunciation of the indictment:

We are going to take the indictment, evaluate all our legal options and pursue everyone most vigorously. This is a case of political persecution. Had he not been running for office right now for the office of the presidency, which, by the way, the polls have shown since this has been announced, his numbers have gone up significantly. Had he not been running for presidency, he would not have been indicted. Had he been John Smith, there’s no scenario where he’d have been indicted.… He’s been politically persecuted. Make no mistake about that, Dana.

Ms. Bash wasn’t listening. Like everyone else at CNN, she was elated by the prospect that this latest Trump drama might halt the mass exodus of viewers from her moribund “news” network. When Tacopina came on, she could hardly keep the excitement out of her voice when asking this arcane legal question: “Will there be a perp walk? You said you have done many of these before. Most of them do have perp walks.” She followed up by asking, “Will he have to take a mug shot?” Never mind that the U.S. legal system is being weaponized by the Democrats to go after its political opponents. This woman wants Barnum & Bailey.

Meanwhile, former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe appeared on Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo and outlined the only crime thus far revealed by the Manhattan district attorney and his grand jury: “The only felony of which we can be certain to come out of this Alvin Bragg prosecution in New York is the felony committed either by DA Bragg himself or someone on the grand jury.… Leaking grand jury information is a felony.” Neither the defendant nor his attorneys have seen this indictment yet because it is sealed. Yet, somehow, every major news outlet knows that it contains 34 counts.

So, a few words of caution to everyone celebrating the latest travesty of justice committed in the name of getting the Bad Orange Man. First, you will end up just as disappointed as you were after the Mueller probe and the various other attempts to destroy him. Second, while you clap your flippers and bark like so many trained seals, the real bad guys have their eyes on you too. The moment you step out of line, you will get a visit from an IRS goon — or worse — just as Matt Taibbi did on the day of his congressional testimony. Finally, the beast you are feeding has an insatiable appetite. It will still be hungry after it eats your ideological enemies.


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