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They Hate You So Much
Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri (MSNBC/Shutterstock)

Monday, as our readers surely know, was Columbus Day, a wonderful celebration not just of Italian-American heritage but of the historical joining together of two continents and the advancement of Christianity and Western civilization.

But you wouldn’t know that by reading the press releases the Democrat National Committee churned out.

You really have to be a masochistic killjoy not to recognize the achievement of Christopher Columbus in 1492. Columbus, by crossing the Atlantic for what was thought to be the first time (it’s likely that Vikings had accomplished the feat beforehand, but no permanent written record of it existed), opened up the Americas to settlement, enlightenment and commerce and fueled the greatest civilizational leap in the history of mankind.

But civilizational leaps are bugs, not features, in the eyes of the American Left. Guess who runs today’s Democrats?

You don’t get any points for that one. Too easy. Here’s what the Democrats’ press flacks said about Columbus Day, which they instead call Indigenous Peoples’ Day…

DNC Statement on Indigenous Peoples’ Day

To honor the contributions and heritage of America’s Indigenous people, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison and DNC Native American Caucus Chair Rion Ramirez released the following statement:

“On this Indigenous Peoples’ Day, we celebrate the contributions and resilience of America’s Native communities, and the work they have done today and every day to bring this country closer to our ideals. Democrats are committed to carrying forward the important work necessary to ensure dignity, sovereignty, and opportunity for our nation’s 574 Federally Recognized Tribes.

“The Biden-Harris administration has honored this commitment to uplift and support America’s Native communities from its very first week, when President Biden issued a memo prioritizing federal agencies’ consultation with Tribal Nations. The president also appointed Deb Haaland the first Native Cabinet secretary, and the American Rescue Plan includes the largest-ever investment of resources in Tribal communities in U.S. history. The administration is working to address the issues that matter to Tribal communities, from the new Federal Boarding School Initiative to uncover the truth and help heal affected communities, to restoring federal protections to land and waters such as Bears Ears National Monument, which is sacred to Tribal Nations.

“We will never forget the sacrifices, brutality, assimilation, and dislocation inflicted upon Native communities. Today, we honor the 574 Tribal Nations and the significant contributions they have made to our country, and commit ourselves toward building a future marked by justice, promise, and equal opportunity for all.”

Deb Haaland’s father’s people came from Norway, which means she’s only half oppressed, but she’ll take it. She celebrated her Laguna Pueblo heritage on Indigenous Peoples’ Day by doing one of the whitest things possible — running the Boston Marathon.

Everything about Indigenous People’s Day is awful. For one thing, as the DNC’s release notes, there are 574 different tribes. Why don’t they each get their own celebrations? There isn’t all that much similarity between the Iroquois and the Shawnee, or the Lakota Sioux and the Lumbee.

And what specifically are the “contributions” the DNC is talking about? The first line of this insulting release talks about them, but then they disappear amid a deluge of self-congratulatory boasting about all the things Democrats are committed to doing in order to patronize indigenous Americans.

Rion Ramirez could have at least thrown in a reference to how the Indians can “endeavor to persevere.” That might complete the insult.

The DNC didn’t even bother to offer a half-assed reference to Columbus, who accomplished more with less than any Democrat alive will ever do. They left that to the addled president they foisted on the American people; Joe Biden coughed up a half-sentence of praise before trashing Columbus as an oppressor of the aboriginal tribes he found during his voyages from Spain.

There was no mention of the Carib tribe, with whom Columbus had his most negative interactions, in these panderings. Why not? Do we have to wait for Cannibalistic Indigenous Peoples’ Day for that one?

At this point, it’s tough for any Italian-American not named Anthony Fauci to consider membership in, or voting for, the Democrats as other than treason to his or her heritage. And it’s similarly hard for members of those 574 tribes of “Indigenous Peoples” not to be disgusted at the rank patronizing.

Oh, but wait. Monday was something else as well, and the patronizing and pandering was just getting started — because there was also this…

DNC Statement on National Coming Out Day

In celebration of the courage and strength of the LGBTQ community, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison and LGBTQ Caucus Chair Earl Fowlkes released the following statement on National Coming Out Day.

“National Coming Out Day serves as a reminder of the importance, courage and strength that living authentically can require. As we recognize this critically important day, we must also remember those who have not yet come out and provide them with the support they need to live bravely, boldly and openly. In a world where LGBTQ people, particularly transgender and gender non-conforming people, live in fear of violence or discrimination, we must also reaffirm our dedication to creating a world where LGBTQ people feel safe and valued, not negatively targeted because of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

“From his first day in office, President Joe Biden has prioritized protecting the LGBTQ community and affirming the rights and protections the community deserves. From implementing the U.S. Supreme Court’s Bostock ruling and providing dozens of critical protections to LGBTQ people, to reversing the transgender military ban and restoring health care protections for LGBTQ people, the Biden administration has already been hailed by advocates as the most pro-equality administration in history. Together, alongside our Democratic majorities in Congress, we will continue to ensure that LGBTQ individuals feel protected, seen, and free to live their authentic selves.”

If the gay and trans folks are “living in fear of violence or discrimination,” then the rest of us can honestly tell them to join the club. Of course, there isn’t a whole lot of that seemingly going on, because what we see more of is Twitter outrage from certifiably insane people who happen to identify as gay or trans — and that outrage is bent on inflicting violence or discrimination against people who disagree with them.

Like Dave Chappelle, for example, whose Netflix special they’re demanding be taken off the air because he happens to talk about the foul treatment he’s been subjected to for joking about gay and trans people along with every other group.

And the DNC is taking the side of the loons against Dave Chappelle, which is fairly instructive.

You can see these two press statements, fired off in the same day, as one-offs. You shouldn’t. You should see them in context, and that context is that the Democrats hate America. They hate everything about our people, our institutions, our heritage. They always have.

I’ve said this before, but you’re welcome to test it out. Ask your Democrat friends what they love about this country, and the response you’ll get will likely have something to do with Social Security or Medicaid or Obamacare or the civil rights movement, or even that Obama got elected and/or Trump lost. Their answers will tell you very clearly that what they love about America is what they can do to it. Not what it is.

They don’t love the Constitution, other than they think it’s a “living” document which can mean anything they want. They don’t love the idea of America as a melting pot; they want it to be a salad, otherwise they wouldn’t be pandering to “oppressed” intersectional groups two at a time. They don’t love our history, they don’t love our culture (now Superman has to be bisexual and James Bond has to be henpecked), they certainly don’t love the classic concept of the American Dream. They really, really don’t love our freedom, unless it’s to burn the flag, riot over false narratives, or kill the unborn.

They don’t love any of it. What they love is power. They love to divide and conquer.

And they can’t stand you. Act accordingly.

Scott McKay
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