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The Very Curious Ms. Justin ‘Fidelita’ Trudeau

Is necklacing Canadian truckers — and those who support them — the next thing in store for freedom-lovers in Canada? Perhaps so, as the current prime minister of the Soviet Provinces of Canada, Ms. Justin Trudeau, can’t seem to decide if she’s Marian the Librarian or Winnie Mandela.

Our George Jean Nathan is right about the worst tendencies of the dictator to our north, who’s currently purging such freedom lovers as remain in this frozen gulag. Nathan may also be on to something in speculating whether Justin’s Mom and Fidel Castro could have been more than just good friends. If a tendency to dictatorship can be passed on through genes…

Little Justin (who has three hairdressers, an androgyny coach, and an aroma therapist on speed-dial) has been so meticulous and obsequious in observing feminist etiquette and promoting the revolution, even its daffier aspects, that the Canada chapter of the Steve McQueen Fan Club has demanded that Justin turn in a dormant Y chromosome and any faint traces of testosterone still coursing through her veins. This should not trouble Justin, who hasn’t put either to use in the memory of most Canadians.

In these clips, Justin out-nags the most indefatigable feminist nags in scolding those of us who stubbornly persist in believing the bloody obvious, that men and women are different.

But just because one considers testosterone to be a dangerous substance, does not mean one cannot be tough when the circumstances call for it. Informed TAS readers know all the recent charges and specifications against Fidelita. She unleashed the full powers of the police state, including mounted police officers acting as the PM’s Tonton Macoute, on Canadians who peacefully protest government diktats. (OK, Canadian coppers aren’t yet assassination squads like Papa Doc’s Tontons, but it’s early days.)

The respected red-coated Mounties, of whom it is said they always get their man (Note from Justin: that should be “always get their person”), have not become Justin’s Red Guard. Yet. But it’s disturbing how enthusiastically Canadian police officers have roughed-up peaceful protestors while arresting them. They’ve used night sticks, pepper-spray, and stun grenades in a manner that would have caused an international revolt of elites had they been deployed against BLM. The International Court of Justice would have mobilized, UN delegates of countries that routinely deny rights to their residents of all complexions and both genders would call for Justin’s defenestration. Okra Windbag would swoon. The mainstream media would go to DEFCON-1, cancelling all weekend leave for editorial staff, thereby causing temporary cash-flow shortages in fern bars. College students would have found yet another reason not to attend class, but to raise hell instead. It would be ugly. (The Cosmos, or course, would take no notice.)

But not to worry, this will never happen in Trudeau’s Canada. When this group of hustlers, dedicated to a trumped-up charge of virulent and widespread racism across the West, protested in Ottawa in 2020, Justin took a knee with them. He likes BLM. It’s hard working truckers who object to over-the-top and almost certainly pointless COVID restrictions that affect their ability to make a living that he has no use for.

Bankers have been shanghaied into the fix, forced to steal the assets of protestors and their allies. Trudeau even had a pastor who preached to the truckers arrested and jailed. The pastor did not preach violence against the Canadian government. But apparently the fact that he sympathizes with the truckers’ protests was enough to get him jugged.

These are not the actions of a free society. People yet to sprout their first gray hair can easily remember when Canada was a free and open democratic country, as has been the norm in the Anglo-sphere until recent times. The rot began to set in some years back, first with benign-sounding laws against “hate speech.” Who could be for hate speech? The problem is no one stopped to think who got to decide what speech was hateful. Politicians, bureaucrats, and activist judges it turns out. And Canadians can be found criminally hateful even if what they say about a group is true, especially if the group is a constituency of the political party in power. (Democrats are ginning up the same fraud here.) Then the great leap forward to the current crushing of a legitimate protest against undue interference in the lives of Canadians.

Canada is clearly at a crossroads. (So are we, come to that.) Which way will it go? Will Canada decide to reset and return to the free country it once was, or will it become just another dingy dictatorship run by squalid, self-interested politicians, career bureaucrats, and judge/politicians for their own benefit? It’s too early to tell, although the emergency powers have now been revoked. But I wouldn’t bet the mortgage money on freedom, a word some Canadians are now equating with racism and white supremacy. O Canada, indeed.

Larry Thornberry
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Larry Thornberry is a writer in Tampa.
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