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The UN Targets…The Catholic Church

Finally, the United Nations is standing up to a monster: the Catholic Church.

Specifically, the Committee for the Rights of the Child released a report demanding the institution independently investigate all cases of priestly abuse. It called for Pope Francis’s abuse commission to

conduct an independent investigation of all cases of priestly abuse and the way the Catholic hierarchy has responded over time, and urged the Holy See to establish clear rules for the mandatory reporting of abuse to police and to support laws that allow victims to report crimes even after the statute of limitations has expired.

Fair enough; the Church still must purge its ranks of pedophiles, just as public schools and other bodies of trust must. It must also assure justice for all the victims around the world by cooperating with governments.

However, the process started 13 years ago when Pope John Paul II initiated procedures to empower the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith to address the crisis.

Indeed, the Roman Catholic clergy, with its traditional cautiousness, is crafting procedures to prevent abuse in the future. In a 2,000-year old institution, transformation takes time.

However, even as the Church “translates into permanent practice and continuous awareness the fruits of the teachings and ideas that have matured over the course of the painful events of the ‘crisis’ engendered by sexual abuse,” as Father Lombardi writes, I agree that certain bishops and priests should be defrocked appropriately.

But, at the same time, Church reforms, such as allowing lay people to sit on tribunals and extending the statute of limitations to 20 years, should be commended.

Also, many people may not know that local bishops, under canon law, must report crimes to appropriate authorities under regional civil law.

So much for the supposed global conspiracy.

The UN panel had more to say. Apparently, the Catholic canon’s outdated viewpoints on abortion, contraception, and gay marriage also negatively affect children. The report, according to Fox News, even states that canon law should be changed “to ensure children’s rights and their access to health care…”

When has abortion ever positively affected young children? Or is this simply the secular ideology of modern liberalism dressing itself up offensively and lazily in the garb of multinational self-righteousness?

As for gay marriage, is the reasoning that gay acceptance will help orphan children find loving families? I’m sure Russia, a member nation of the Committee for the Rights of the Child, could address that as well, seeing as it recently banned all Western adoptions.

Though I am glad to see such countries as Russia and Saudi Arabia finally prioritizing the safety and welfare of children. Perhaps they can set the standard of legal responsibility for Pope Francis himself.

The Catholic Church is the largest and most prominent Christian target in the world. With its tragic scandals having been news for two decades, the panel is treading on pounded ground.

Not only that, as abortion is increasingly seen as a human right and gay marriage spreads across the West, it is apt for UN advocates to smear the most critical warrior against both political beasts.

While it has it’s own issues, Catholicism is no threat to children everywhere. And if you ever have a doubt, take a look at your local schools. Or, if that doesn’t satisfy you, your closest hospitals. 

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