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&%&(^&^**^ the Senatorial Committee

UPDATE: Kudos to Sen. John Cornyn for his announcement, released within the last hour, that contradicts and overrides whichever staffer put out the word that the RNSC would not aid O’Donnell’s general election battle. HE says the NRSC will doante to O’Donnell after all. I still leave up my post below because it shows just how intense the reaction is and should be against the party committees getting involved in intra-party fights. And whichever staffer put out the word that O’Donnell would not get committee support should be fired — but, what is worse, the attitude expressed by that staffer seems pervasive at an organization that at one point or another openly supported Specter, Crist, Castle, Murkowski, Norton, Bennett, and others against fellow Republicans rather than preserving resources for the general election…..



Okay, okay, so Christine O’Donnell has clay feet. Okay, okay, she just beat the establishment choice and bruised some egos in the official party apparatus. Okay, okay, even a host of conservatives (including yours truly) expressed sincere and well-grounded doubts about her. Well, all that is past. She won. She is the Republican nominee. It is therefore beyond appalling that the imbeciles and losers who populate the National Republican Senatorial Committee won’t put any money into Delaware to help O’Donnell win this fall. And “imbeciles and losers” is actually far too kind a designation for the gang that has wasted money and effort again and again and again in intra-party fights, trying to beat other Republicans (and failing) rather than waiting to see who the local GOP voters choose on their own and then using the committee’s money to beat Democrats. The only reason I used the phrase “imbeciles and losers” is because this is a classy publication. The words that really ought to be used are unpublishable.

Delaware is a tiny state. Money well-spent can go a long, long way there. Sure, the Philly TV market is expensive, but there are all sorts of other ways (aside from Philly TV) that the committee could get a huge bang for its buck in favor of actually moving votes for their nominee. In short, for what amounts to a comparative pittance, the NRSC could take a shot at winning one of just 100 incredibly coveted seats in the U.S. Senate. But no … The sore losers, know-it-alls who actually know nothing, arrogant, Beltway-infused, lickspittle moderates who keep wanting to dictate to Republican voters from their high-and-mighty perch near the Capitol, are so dismissive of the conservatives who dare defeat them, and of all the voters who actually went to the polls, that they have decided to take their puny little balls and go home rather than actually let the party’s own nominee run with them. This is inexcusable. This is the sort of thing that merits a few punches in the face, except that we are too civilized to do so (and I am NOT advocating doing so, only saying that such punches would be well deserved). Even I, as a confirmed skeptic about Ms. O’Donnell, am flabbergasted and outraged that the NRSC would choose not to support her.

When these elections are over, there should be a serious, emotionally brutal, show-no-mercy purge of the NRSC and of most of the national Republican Party apparatus. The party bosses are not only NOT helpful; they are in many, many cases counterproductive. They should be banished to the outer political darkness.

Yes, Christine O’Donnell should be gracious and make some amends, privately, to fellow conservatives and former staffers whom she has misled or semi-slandered (or sued) on various occasions. She should do this because doing so is both good politics and because it is objectively the right thing to do. But she is the party’s nominee, and she is conservative, and she has a right to expect Republicans and conservatives to rally around her. This is our country at stake, and the country needs every right-of-center vote it can get in office. If the high-and-mighty RNSC can’t understand that, then shame on them. And more than shame.

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