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The Coastal Regional Party

Right now Democrats are in a complete frenzy: Russia, health care, Comey, Syria, the FCC… that it was alien intervention that defeated Hillary. No doubt, it’s exhausting for them, as the enabling mainstream media keeps driving Russia stories and obstruction of justice in breathless tones, invoking collusion at the highest levels between Russia and Trump administration, once again whipping the left into DefCon 1 [MM1] levels.

The problem with the Russia-Trump collusion story is that it’s a fairy tale, a bedtime story Democrats tell themselves before going to bed at night. It allows them to live in an alternate universe in which they will someday wake up, Trump will be impeached, and Hillary Clinton will be in the White House.

But all of this frenzy, this delusional thinking divorced from reality, is nothing but a Band-Aid over the deep, serious flaws within the Democratic Party. These Dems seemingly learned precisely nada, nothing from the 2016 elections. Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party utterly ignored the American working class and instead embraced its leftist base. Common sense would think lessons were learned, but in fact, currently the Democratic Party is not lurching leftwards. It is running full tilt towards the radical left, all the while whistling past the graveyard of its electoral defeats.

Since 2010, the Democrats have lost more than 1,100 seats at the federal and state level. Among those seats lost: 958 state legislative seats. Republicans now control 33 Governor’s mansions, the most any party in our history has ever controlled. Misogyny had nothing to do with that. The Russians had nothing to do with that. Comey, WikiLeaks, whatever the raison d’être of the day is, had nothing… to do… with that. But more than just losses at the state level, there are interesting trends worth noting at the federal level: A full third of the Democratic Caucus in the House comes from precisely four deep blue states: New York, California, Illinois, and Massachusetts. The question has to be asked: Is the Democratic Party on its way to becoming the Coastal Regional Party, relegated to deep blue states on the coast and in a handful of states?

Yet instead of re-evaluating the ideas and strategies that cost them everything from the presidency to most of the dogcatcher seats in America, the Democrats have concluded that, in fact, the real problem with their losses must be the American people. Perched arrogantly high atop the mount of their alternate culture and view of reality, Democrats and the left sneer at the working class’s priorities, which are rooted in basic human nature: following their religious beliefs, care of family, a worthwhile job, food on the table, ability to pay the mortgage.

By all means, let’s hope the left continues in its arrogant scorn. The American working class thinks the left’s obsession with cultural appropriation, climate change, transgender rights’ latest addition to the LGBTQ-whatever acronym, and the nauseating list of odd pet causes borders on insane.

To further their party’s problems, leading Democrats like Hillary Clinton have publicly aligned themselves with the “Resistance,” a group of radicals who reek of fascism with their violence, intimidation, and destruction of private property as a means for political change. With every riot, every violent display, Trump and the Republicans only look that much better.

Of course things can change; I’ve been around politics long enough to know that things can pivot overnight. Despite the ugly trends and losses of the last six years, Democrats can, at least, find solace in the tendency of Republicans to snatch defeat right from the jaws of victory and then shoot themselves in one foot before calmly, and idiotically, shooting themselves in the other just for good measure. Some of us still hold out hope that the perennially weak-spined Republican leadership on the Hill might potentially find it within themselves to do something bold with President Trump in the White House, like, say, pass a superb tax-reform bill that would finally begin to tackle our mounting national debt.

The American people are taking note of all of this. While the mainstream media wants to breathlessly report on Trump’s latest tweet, two-thirds of the American people have said the Democratic Party is out of touch with their concerns, according to the Washington Post-ABC News poll in April. Even 44 percent of Democrats polled think their party is out of touch. But Democrats are more interested in toeing the line that their mega donors and organizations like Planned Parenthood support than they are in communicating with the millions of people who abandoned them at the polls.

If the donors, leadership, and base of the Democratic Party keep pushing their party to the radical left, they’ll see more of the same losses. But simply because the Democratic Party is in disarray, conservatives and Republicans should not rest on their laurels, nor should they be patting themselves on the back. The electoral success they have enjoyed since 2010 has not come from their bold and profound policy ideas, but because they sucked less than the Democrats. They have not advanced a coherent ideology that Americans have adopted; rather, they largely have benefited from a rejection of the big government, tax-and-spend ideology of the left. And beyond even advancing bold policy ideas in the short term, until the massive bureaucratic state is dismantled or severely curtailed, their recent good fortune will just be a blip on the radar in the triumphant rise of the State.

So to Republicans in Washington, D.C.: Try being bold and courageous; history does not remember milquetoast placeholders. Pass legitimate health-care reform, get tax reform done, and watch the American people thank you in 2018 and 2020 and potentially for the next generation or two. Heck, if just those two items get done, and Trump and Republicans are putting money in peoples’ pockets and food on their table, Trump can tweet whatever the heck he wants — he’ll get a second term, and the Democrats will sulk their way into truly becoming the Coastal Regional Party.

[MM1]Defcon 1 is the highest level of alert, 5 is the lowest.

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