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Rudy and Sidney’s Krakentastic Spectacle, and What It Could Mean
Sidney Powell (YouTube screenshot)

It was an hour and 45 minutes of scintillating legal and political theater that emanated out of RNC headquarters in Washington, D.C., on Thursday.

Led by Rudy Giuliani, who for brief moments rekindled his persona as the U.S. attorney who took down the mob in New York, and star D.C. lawyer Sidney Powell, Team Trump made its case for a stolen presidential election. It was a memorable bit of American history.

And what a case! What Trump’s legal team, the players on which are some of the brighter stars in the legal profession, offered Thursday were allegations of the largest criminal conspiracy to corrupt the political system in world history.

That isn’t an exaggeration. It’s what Giuliani and Powell, in particular, offered to the mostly hostile media who showed up to the press conference.

The stock reaction to the presentation is what it’s always been; namely that Team Trump is all allegations and no evidence. That reaction persists following the conference, and it says much more about those spewing it than the presentation itself.

Evidence, after all, is something most appropriate to a court of law. Evidence is for a trier of fact.

You do not see the prosecutor bringing the bloody knife to the press conference on the courthouse steps following the arraignment, and no one expects the prosecutor to do that. But that’s what’s demanded of Giuliani and Powell so far.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson even went so far Thursday as to castigate Powell for not coming on his show to present the evidence she’s discussed surrounding computer election fraud. It’s understandable he might want that, as it would be ratings gold. He said he’d give her an entire show, or even multiple shows, to present the case.

And while at some point it might be a good idea for Powell to take Carlson up on that, before any evidentiary hearings have taken place in the two active lawsuits the campaign has filed is certainly not that point. Powell informed Carlson’s producers of that, and told them to stop calling when they wouldn’t accept it as an answer.

So let’s forget about whether Team Trump has met the media’s evidentiary standard, which as we know floats about like a buoy in a hurricane. That standard was far lower when it came to the Steele dossier and the Russia hoax, after all, and it was certainly lower with respect to the New York Times‘ allegations about Trump’s tax records or the Atlantic’s unsourced, or “anonymously sourced” allegations about “suckers and losers.” Just ask Facebook and Twitter, for example.

Instead, let’s examine the Kraken, which Giuliani and Powell clearly described in Thursday’s presentation after Powell had promised to release it this week.

There are lots of elements to the case, but essentially it boils down to this: the Biden campaign, in league with nefarious actors both domestic and foreign who are invested for various reasons in replacing Donald Trump as the president of the United States, engaged in a rather brazen smash-and-grab of the 2020 presidential election.

No. Not brazen. That’s not a correct description. Desperate is more accurate. Because what was done in the counting of votes in the election on Nov. 3 and days following is best explained, as Giuliani suggested, as sloppiness derived from a frantic struggle to produce votes for Biden at Trump’s expense in key states.

Initially it was thought that those states were six — Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada. Now it appears New Mexico and Virginia might be added to the mix following investigations of irregularities there.

In Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, Trump had what looked like an insurmountable lead on Election Night. Then things changed. The media narrative held that this was always going to be the case because of the proclivity of mail-in ballots due to COVID-19. But why that didn’t happen in Ohio and Florida, which have generally been considered the two most prominent bellwether states in presidential politics, has never been discussed by the corporate legacy media. Trump won both comfortably; the counting of mail-in ballots didn’t materially reduce his lead as the night wore on (Florida counted the mail-in ballots first).

Team Trump’s lawyers say that in those four states Trump’s lead was larger than the Biden camp expected, and so the electronic manipulation of the vote through the private contractors working for local and state election officials to tabulate votes was not enough to bend the election Biden’s way. What happened next made things obvious: the counting was halted in all six states in the middle of the night on Nov. 3, and when it began again in the wee hours of Nov. 4 there were magically large chunks of votes coming in which greatly skewed the results Biden’s way.

How did this happen? Team Trump says, essentially, it happened two ways. First, the vote wasn’t just manipulated electronically. It was mutilated electronically. Large blocks of votes were entered into the systems in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia which eliminated or greatly diminished Trump’s lead. And second, there were large numbers of fraudulent ballots brought in with all kinds of defects after the fact, and then counted illegally in cities like Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta. Those ballots started coming in the early morning of Nov. 4 and continued until a bit after Biden had built his own lead, and Team Trump argues, on the strength of a large number of sworn affidavits from poll watchers, dissident election workers, and others, they were grossly mishandled by Democrat machine functionaries in contravention of state law.

Essentially, then, you have two lines of attack here.

Powell seems to be the lead player on the electronic fraud field. She traced the ownership and participation of companies like Dominion Voting Systems, a Canadian firm doing business all over the world which is a major supplier of voting machines to states and counties all over America, and Smartmatic, a firm founded in Venezuela by allies of then-dictator Hugo Chavez, which got its start rigging Venezuelan elections and has since spread around the world; Smartmatic’s board chairman is, or at least was until a few days ago, a George Soros associate named Lord Mark Malloch-Brown. According to Powell, and corroborated by reporting elsewhere (though not in the legacy corporate media), Smartmatic vote tabulation is done not in America but in Spain and Germany and then fed back into the election management software systems in America, which report the vote to media organizations like CNN, the Associated Press, and the New York Times.

From Powell’s statements and other critics of the 2020 election, there seem to be four main problems with the electronic handling of elections, any of which would be fatal to the public trust in the counting of votes in our elections.

First is the presence of algorithms in vote tabulation software. Data from logs scraped off the New York Times‘ election reporting portal indicates vote totals expressed with numbers to the right of a decimal point. You can’t cast a fraction of a vote, but for several years there has been electronic tabulation software that allows for weighted voting going all the way back to when Diebold voting machines garnered such a bad reputation following the 2004 election. There is zero place for algorithms in vote tabulation software — this is addition, not algebra. More on this a bit below.

Second, what appear to be instances where Trump vote totals actually decreased in some of the vote total updates in the data logs scraped from the tabulations. It isn’t possible for a candidate to lose votes; that can only happen if votes are being shifted from one candidate to another, which is an allegation Powell is making. She says that shifting votes from, in this case, Trump to Biden is an actual feature of the software, and it can be done as a drag-and-drop. And she says this isn’t just an allegation, but rather a fact discernible from the software manual found on Smartmatic’s website. What happened in Antrim County, Michigan, where some 6,000 votes were flipped from Trump to Biden in a very conspicuous example, would fit this category of irregularity, though that has been chalked up to “human error” in the legacy media.

Third are the conspicuous large dumps of votes nearly or completely exclusively for Biden present in the vote total updates, something which is statistically improbable if not impossible. These happened in Wisconsin and Michigan almost at the identical time early in the morning on Nov. 4 and generated no small amount of notice by those curious about the election returns.

And fourth, and perhaps more damning than anything, are the very interesting line items in these vote total update logs whereby long successions of updates saw Trump and Biden get identical proportions of each batch of votes counted. That is statistically impossible and cannot happen without manipulation. In Michigan, it looks as though there was the application of an algorithm that discounted Trump votes and generated a sizable statistical anomaly wherein he underperformed progressively worse the more Republican the precinct.

To be fair, Dominion Voting Systems has hotly — perhaps too hotly — contested each element in Powell’s case. Which is fine, as this is what an evidentiary hearing before a trier of fact is for. Let Trump’s team present their witnesses and their data, and let Biden, the secretaries of state or other election officials, and Dominion and the other contractors present theirs.

Giuliani’s presentation covered the other line of attack, which is old-fashioned vote fraud. Focusing most particularly on Pennsylvania and Michigan, but also in Wisconsin, he discussed the multitude of affidavits alleging wide-scale irregularities in the counting of those mail-in ballots. Signatures not matched to those on file. The refusal to allow Republican poll watchers to be present to examine the ballots at the counting. Batches of ballots being run through voting machines over and over again to run up Biden vote totals. Truckloads of Biden-only ballots arriving in the early hours of Nov. 4 through the back doors of counting-houses. Dead people voting. Absentee votes counted despite “ballots” coming in from people who aren’t on record as requesting a ballot. Voters in Democrat counties being contacted and given the opportunity to correct flawed ballots while voters in other counties not contacted with the same opportunity. Trump voters in Pittsburgh arriving to the polls on Nov. 3 only to find that somehow they’re listed as voting already. And so on.

Giuliani says this creates a clear violation of the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection clause. You can’t run one election in Democrat counties and another election in Republican ones. If the facts are as alleged, that claim is unassailably valid.

Related to this is the drama unfolding in Wayne County, Michigan, in which Detroit sits. The two Republicans on that county’s canvassing board refused to certify the election results there, citing massive evidence of irregularity in the counting. Both were called racists and a local Democrat politician named Abraham Aiyash even revealed one of their home addresses and, worse, where her children go to school. That led to a temporary caving, in which the Republican canvassers agreed to certify the election pending a full investigation by the state. When Jocelyn Benson, the Democrat Secretary of State on whose watch this circus has proceeded, refused to honor that request, the two Republicans stiffened on their refusal to certify the election. Now the Legislature is calling for a full audit, and Benson has no choice but to perform one.

What has happened in Wayne County is a prelude to the real strategy here. Team Trump isn’t necessarily out to prove that the president beat Biden by x number of votes in Georgia and y number of votes in Pennsylvania and z number of votes in Michigan, etc. Instead, what his lawyers are going to try to do is point out that because of the irregularities and manifest illegality in the vote-counting in these disputed states the results cannot be certified. There is no way to prove, because of the electronic and paper fraud in the counting, who won those states.

And while they’ll be in court presenting this evidence to judges, it won’t be in an attempt to have Trump declared the winner of the election, though they’d take that if it was available.

It will be in an attempt to enjoin the certification of the results in those states.

So far the suits are in Pennsylvania and Michigan, but the suits are likely in the other states as well. In Georgia, where the state’s recount is an utter debauch, famed attorney Lin Wood has filed a separate suit making many of the same allegations Powell is presenting in the media seeking on his own to block the certification of the election.

And if the judges stop the certification of the results, because the true results can’t be known due to computer data being corrupted and fraudulent mail ballots mixed in with legitimate ones, all in violation of state law set down by the state legislatures as the Constitution provides, then it falls to those state legislatures to decide which slate of electors to appoint.

Those legislatures, which Republicans hold a majority of both houses in most of the states in question, then become the real deciders of the election, and they’ll be lobbied accordingly. They’ll be holding hearings on the evidence Trump’s team is collecting, and they’ll be deciding his fate not necessarily on media calls or unofficial, and likely uncertified, vote tallies. If it can’t really be known who won the election based on the pollution of the vote counts, those legislators are then at least technically free to vote their consciences and the will of their constituencies.

Most of them are Republicans. If you’re a GOP legislator from western Pennsylvania, say, and you’re going to decide on a COVID shutdown and a ban on fracking with Biden or four more years of Trump, and you have a clean slate to decide thanks to the sketchy tactics in Philadelphia and the inability to certify the election, how likely is it that you’re going to opt for Trump’s slate of electors? Pretty likely, no?

Let’s understand that should it fall this way it’s almost literally the worst way to win an election from a public relations standpoint. The Left will howl that Trump stole the election, and there will be documentaries and news reports about his “theft” and “coup d’état” and “assault on democracy” for decades. Almost certainly rioting that dwarfs what happened this summer will break out everywhere the Antifa/BLM crowd doesn’t believe local law enforcement will intervene. There could be assassination attempts. Physical assaults on people in random places for wearing Trump shirts or hats. “Resistance” on a scale that greatly exceeds what happened after Trump won in 2016. A campaign to generate faithless electors that dwarfs the obnoxious 2016 efforts at pressuring or intimidating Trump electors. Those electors would likely need round-the-clock protection from law enforcement or other security personnel.

And the Democrats will do everything they can to make America ungovernable, leading up to, and perhaps into, civil war.

Of course, based on the evidence Giuliani, Powell, and the team have presented, a Biden inauguration could potentially have the same effect with roles reversed.

Run a failed Latin American election, and you’ll get a failed Latin American country.

We’re all in a terrible fix. The corruption of our institutions from the arts to the news media to our elections to our law enforcement and intelligence agencies has made something like this possible, and has stripped away the limits to which people will go in search of political power. People see it, which is one reason why a recent Rasmussen poll says only 41 percent of the country believes without doubt that Biden won fairly, though 61 percent say Trump should concede. They can see the abyss, and they’re shrinking from it even though they understand they could be faced with a usurper in the White House. They think that’s a less terrible outcome than a possible civil war, though there is zero guarantee that they’re correct.

Now is a good time to pray. Pray for Giuliani and Powell that they might bring the truth to those who can act on it, pray for those judges and legislators that they might have the courage to do the right thing despite the pressure, and perhaps real threats of violence, they’ll surely face, and pray for the country that we might resolve this mess with truth and justice and come together to make reforms such that this can never, ever happen again.

Scott McKay
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