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Ron Paul Eviscerated Gingrich

Paul’s answer on Freddie and Fannie just blew Gingrich away. Gingrich is a total hypocrite on this subject. Even worse, lots of Republicans in Congress were trying hard to reform Freddie and Fannie at the very same time Gingrich was taking something like $30,000 PER HOUR from Freddie and speaking in favor of their “model,’ thus undercutting GOP efforts to reform these enterprises that ended up causing our housing collapse and thus tanking our economy.

Now Gingrich is splitting hairs about whether he “lobbied.” He publicly advocated Fannie and Freddie’s position. Period. And he took a ton of money to do so. He sold out.

Bachmann is absolutely right that he was “influence peddling” on behalf of Freddie and Fannie.

There’s nothing wrong with lobbying. There’s everything wrong with selling out on behalf of liberal causes, against conservative reformers. Shame on Gingrich.

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