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Romney’s Role in Same-Sex “Marriage”

This web site backs Rick Santorum’s criticism last night of Mitt Romney’s role in the Massachusetts marriage controversy. This timeline lays it out.

To me, it’s a bit of a red herring. Romney was in a bind either way. Some conservatives against homosexual “marriage” blame Romney, others say he had little choice. I might have been inclined not to take some of the proactive steps Romney took to implement his state Supreme Court’s decision. I think Santorum, on technical grounds, probably made a valid criticism, although I think he overstated the degree of Romney’s, uh, deviation from orthodoxy. But it’s not as if Romney was personally culpable for the new marriage regime. It seems like he legitimately tried to oppose it at various times. In short, this is the least of Romney’s flaws. It may be time for me to detail some of those other, worse, flaws in a column soon.

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