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Rallying to Christine O’Donnell

Readers here may remember that I was unimpressed with Christine O’Donnell. Well, forget all that. The nasty account at Gawker featuring some guy’s first-hand account of an alleged semi-sexual encounter with O’Donnell is such a vile infringement on privacy as to make all decent men feel a chivalrous urge to rush to her defense. Nobody deserves such treatment as Gawker gave her.

But you know what else? It also makes me respect O’Donnell more. Forgive me walking up to the fine line of re-infringing on her privacy in order to make my point, but here’s the deal: How many late-30s, single women do you know who, while allegedly drunk, on Halloween, with a guy she is attracted to, would crawl into bed with the guy and, in that drunken condition….. make it clear that she won’t, uh, do the deed? It takes a rare conscience to remain true to one’s stated principles in a situation where it would be most easy to make excuses for failing one’s principles. This isn’t a commentary on her principles, or morals, themselves, but on her sincerity and devotion to them. Christine O’Donnell has been mercilessly mocked for talking so openly for so long about remaining celibate. But according to this guy’s account, she really means it. Not only that, but she then allegedly dated this guy’s friend for a full year and STILL didn’t succumb.

Commitment publicly made, commitment privately honored.

Even as this sleazoid told his tale to embarrass O’Donnell, she emerges with her integrity intact. Integrity is a precious commodity. At least in this instance, if it is a true account, O’Donnell emerges not diminished but enhanced. Bless her heart.

Mike Castle should get over even his legitimate complaints about O’Donnell’s primary campaign. He should surprise everybody this weekend by endorsing her. It would be an act of supreme graciousness on his part. It is a graciousness all people of good will should want to extend to her now.

Here’s hoping she has a good day on Tuesday, and that she doesn’t come out of this election embittered and bereft. And may she always hold fast to her principles, both political and personal. She’s doing pretty well at it so far.

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