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Pro-Semitism Is Flourishing

Ben Stein has shared this letter he received from a dear friend in Missouri:

Dear Ben,

I read of your most justifiable concerns about growing anti-Semitism, so I thought I’d warm your heart with some reports of pro-Semitism. Forgive me if this is sort of long, but pretend it’s an article in the Spectator.

Since 1997, John and I have been serving with a ministry called Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks, aka Billye Brim Ministries, an extremely pro-Israel organization. Billye Brim has been leading tours to Israel for decades. Because of her well-known pro-Israel activism, in the late 1990s she was approached by Rani Levy, the son of Col. Yehuda Levy, who had been the president, publisher, and editor of the Jerusalem Post, as you probably know. Rani brought Billye information on a rare piece of property for sale in Israel, in Migdol on the Sea of Galilee. Rani said he thought the ministry was supposed to have it. Billye agreed, the property was purchased, and there are plans to build a study center there, called Prayer Mountain in the Galilee. Here are three related pro-Semitic items:

 1) In the Newsmax report I read, you referenced “wealthy, white Protestant males,” as having caused media anti-Semitism in 1940s America. If you were thinking about William Randolph Hearst, it would warm your heart to know that his granddaughter, Victoria Hearst, is on the board of directors of Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks. Based on the Bible, Victoria is extremely and outspokenly pro-Israel. When Billye Brim takes tours to Israel, unlike other tour groups, which promise to avoid the “hot spots,” she promises her groups that they will visit the hot spots to encourage valiant Israelis. One of these “hot spots” they always visit is Ariel, in what the world calls “the West Bank.” It is there that Victoria Hearst has had built a tennis court, and a big, beautiful swimming pool, “The Dr. Billye Brim Swimming Pool.”

2) Billye is the regional director of Christians United For Israel, or CUFI, which sponsors an annual “Night to Honor Israel,” in Washington, D.C. Rabbis, statesmen, ministers of the Gospel, and usually Benjamin Netanyahu by satellite, address the crowd. Then for the next few days, the delegates lobby senators and congressmen from each state to have America stand with Israel. Well, again, not only does Billye make it a point to visit Israel’s hot spots, but she also makes it a point to visit Israel during “hot” wars like “Operation Protective Edge.” However, this year, beginning in early August, not only did Billye, go to Israel, but more than 60 CUFI members of the Israel Solidarity Group — representatives from each state— also went. Many, including Billye, are still there, supporting and encouraging the people.

3) This next is most unusual. Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks has the annual “Autumn Assembly of Prayer,” in Branson, MO. (Prayer Mountain is 17 miles south of Branson.) The Israeli flag flies with the American flag. There will be the customary “A Night to Honor Israel,” but that’s not the unusual part. This year, a day or two after the Autumn Assembly (which is from October 29-November 3), Prayer Mountain is sponsoring, for the second time, “The Gathering of the Nations.” Christian Indians from most, if not every, Indian tribe in America, and some in Canada, will convene at Prayer Mountain. This will be held in under a very large tent, 3,000 or so capacity. But that’s not the unusual part. Many, if not all, of these tribal people are strongly pro-Israel! Zionist Christian Indians, if you will! Terry Brim, Billye’s son, was trained as a fireman, in part, by my husband John who established the fire department at Prayer Mountain about 15 years ago. (John was also chief there for quite a few years.) Terry has informed me that there is a group of pro-Israel tribal people who want him to train them as firefighters to go to Israel to fight fires where needed! This pro-Israel Gathering of the Nations, and the would-be Indian firefighters for Israel, is something you might be interested in writing about, and experiencing. If you are, I’ll send you more info. Outdoors in a tent in November. Plenty of air conditioning.

Anyway just wanted to warm your heart. I very much appreciated your article, “Disasters and the Enemies of Freedom,” and in particular, this quote: “Freedom and basic human dignity for all are frail new hybrids. (wow!) They are new on the human scene within the past 250 years, not before that.” [!!!!!!]

That is so powerful, and resonates with Daniel Webster’s quote: “Miracles do not cluster. And what has happened once in 6,000 years may never happen again. Hold on to the Constitution and the Republic for which it stands.” 

May the Blessing of Abraham be yours,

— Lynn Kellogg Simpers

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