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Obama’s Jet Lag Diplomacy

Now, here’s a continuing problem. Once again, someone has created false, fake Facebook “posts” ostensibly but not really from me. This has been going on for years. I don’t even have a Facebook page. I never made one. I don’t know how to make one.

But some evil person made one years ago that has a photo of my wife, falsely says that’s me, and says I live in a “domestic partnership,” while in fact I have been married since 1968.

Some wicked liar made up a post of me saying I was gay about two years ago. This led to a barrage of e-mail saying how great it was that I was gay!!! But it wasn’t true.

Then there have been other fake “posts.” Today’s are about yours truly supposedly saying that there are such things as “chemtrails” of chemicals sprayed into the air by some mysterious entity to make us stupid. I never said any such thing and I don’t believe it.

There’s also some fake “post” of me supposedly saying Chelsea Clinton should be the next ambassador to Libya. I have seen this one floating around the Internet, but I never said it or sent it.

Then, there’s one about brown recluse spiders and how deadly they are. I did in fact write in this space about how I had a huge spider in my bedroom in Rancho Mirage recently. But I never “posted” it on Facebook and, again, I don’t have a Facebook page at all except for that phony one some creep made.

Naturally, I have had persons more expert than I take down “my” Facebook page. Some wizard keeps putting it back up.

This is on top of totally made up allegations about me on Wikipedia, just thin air. And I have tried to correct those, too, and it’s hopeless. As soon as I do it, they reappear.

Just bear it in mind. There is a lot of mischief going on out there on the Internet.

Meanwhile, I had a thought: the President and the Secretary of State travel too much and then try to do too much after they travel. It is exhausting to travel, even on a high-end sleeper government jet. You arrive totally dazed. You’re in a fog.

Long ago, I was a lowly analyst at a branch of the Department of State. We had a rule that if you traveled internationally, you should not do any serious business for at least 48 hours after you arrived. That was to give you time to acclimate after jet lag.

It was a good rule. But now, it’s not followed at all. Mr. Obama gets on jet after jet and flies to conferences. So does Mr. Kerry. Then, in a haze of jet lag, they think that they can negotiate seriously. They can’t and it shows. Time to give all of that travel a rest and stop trying to do so much. It is a sign of grandiosity, not to mention a serious misunderstanding of the human body and brain.

In that juicy vein, cast your memory back to 2007. Think of the world. Except for Iraq, it was at peace. We had Pax Americana. The will and military might of America enforced a peace on the world.

That was in Bush 43 days. Then, along came Mr. Obama, the rapid removal of American power, the even more rapid explosion of Russian and Islamist aggression into that vacuum, and now we see a world in total chaos. We are in a nightmare world where the forces of cruelty, violence, suppression, genocide, and racism range and rage freely all over Africa and the Middle East. The world is ablaze. What do we do about it? Send gasoline to Iran in the form of unilateral gifts to them of money, lifted sanctions, and the encouragement to take over Africa and the Middle East, all in the name of fighting Islamic State, which was supposed to be the “JV team” of terror, and now… “it’s off the map of history”— even by administration admission.

The collapse of the nation’s security position in Europe, Africa, and the Mideast has been unprecedented and is getting worse.

It simply cannot be happening by accident. It has to be malign intent at the very top, or else a stupidity that no one has ever seen before.

How long can we live in our glorious American pleasure dome with such lack of leadership? How long? Not long.

But as long as we do, my wife can sleep in peace and security with her cat, Blue, resting on her head.

Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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