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Obama The Tyrant Must Be Stopped

It is time for even the liberal sycophants to start standing up against Barack Obama’s transgressions. At CFIF, both I and Troy Senik have columns out today (here’s mine) explaining some of the lessons from Obama’s appalling, dangerous derailment of one of the most essential bulwarks of American constitutionalism, namely the separation of powers, with his dangerously illegal “recess appointments” yesterday.

To be blunt, I am expressly saying that Obama’s actions are illegitimate. He is a menace. Indeed, his actions are in a sense “seditious,” in the (Webster’s) definition of “incitement to resistance… against lawful authority.”

No, Barack Obama is NOT “lawful authority.” The Constitution is. And he has knowingly violated it, even by the testimony of his own solicitor general. On this front and many others, the man must be stopped. Period.

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